-------Our Story-------

David and I started dating December 19, 2003 as freshmen in high school. We met a few months earlier when we started school and I thought he was cute from the beginning. :) My best friend was the one who ended up telling him I had a bit of a crush on him and the rest is history - We started talking for hours every night on AIM, writing each other notes, and hanging out every weekend. He was funny, smart, sweet, athletic, and sarcastic and he reminded me so much of my dad -- Perfect! 

We dated all through high school and went to every single homecoming and prom together. We became each other's best friend and supported each other through some of the hardest times of our lives. There was never a doubt in my mind about him being the man I would marry. 

David was offerred a full ride scholarship to Wichita State University, the college in the town where we were both born and raised. It had been my lifelong dream to go to the University of Kansas (go Hawks!) and I desperately wanted to major in Applied Behavioral Science, a major that Wichita State doesn't offer. David had always wanted to go to KU too, but had an offer he couldn't pass up.

He encouraged me to follow my dreams, and thus we started a long distance relationship. There was never any talk about breaking up or 'seeing other people' and actually, our LDR made us so much stronger as a couple. We learned so much about communication and trust, and it really taught us to cherish our time together. 

We visited each other as much as possible and looked forward to the time when we'd be back together and (eventually) married. We looked at rings for the first time on our 5 year dating anniversary and David proposed on March 7, 2009! You can read the whole story here.

We had a 15 month engagement during which we both were in school, we were planning our wedding, I graduated, and moved back home. It was crazy, but worth it! We were both more than ready to finally be husband and wife. We were married on June 12, 2010 - Exactly a week before our 6 and a half year dating anniversary.

We're now happily married and living in our first home with our puppy, Paisley. We're in the process of learning the ropes of marriage, home ownership, and having careers and loving every minute of it!
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