Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Proposal

On December 19, our 5 year anniversary, David and I went to look at engagement rings for the first time! It was kind of overwhelming, but SO exciting! We were just looking to get an idea of what I liked, so we obviously didn't pick anything out. About a week later we went and looked at a smaller, family owned jewelry store and found a setting in one of their catalogs that was perfect! We decided to have them order it so we could see it in person. He hadn't wanted me to know what my ring looked like, but when the ring came in we both knew it was the one. I could tell he was a little disappointed that it wouldn't be a surprise, but I still wouldn't see it with the diamond actually set in it until he proposed, which helped. He went back the same night to buy it, without me there. So I waited (not so) patiently for over 2 months because he wanted the proposal to be perfect. I was sure he would propose while we were in NYC, especially since our trip was over my birthday. We'd actually be leaving on my birthday: Friday, March 13. (I know, flying on Friday the 13th is a little creepy!) But a week before we were going to leave, on March 7th, he totally surprised me and it was more perfect than anything I'd imagined!

I'd had a couple long, extremely stressful weeks and he knew I wanted to sleep in on Saturday. Our relationship is long distance (he goes to school back home and I'm 2 hours away) and he told me he would be working Saturday morning. So, I was shocked when my roommate knocked on my door at 10:30 and said, "Rise and shine! I think you might want to read this!" and handed me a note from him.

(Ok, sidenote - I'd been obsessively reading Weddingbee for months already, and had just read Mrs. Martini's proposal story the night before, which was an adorable scavenger hunt. I was secretly hoping David would do something like that, or at least put that much thought into his proposal! So, when I got the first note I immediately thought back to that and hoped he was proposing - And proceeded to start crying.)

The note told me that since we wouldn't really get to celebrate my birthday, (we were going to be flying and wouldn't get in until 10:30 PM or so) he wanted to give me something he knew I would enjoy. He'd scheduled massages for my roommate and I so I didn't have to go alone (but really because she was helping him with his plan). So I got up, threw on clothes and we went to get massages!

After my massage I was unsure if something else was coming - I was really hoping I'd be engaged by the end of the day, but I couldn't tell if it was really just my birthday present! When we were leaving, my roommate made up some story about having to stop at the grocery store. I was a little disappointed because I figured that meant nothing else was coming. However, I later found out she was stalling because he wasn't finished cooking for me and needed a few more minutes so he could have everything ready and leave!

He took pictures of himself so I'd have them to scrapbook with! 

When we got back to our house, I opened the door and saw rose petals leading to the kitchen/dining area and the table was set for 2 (so I could share with my roommate of course!) and my favorite food was sitting out - Chicken fettuccini alfredo! There was a rose and another note on my plate and the note said this was the last surprise - a birthday lunch! He said he was still at work, but was excited to hear about my massage. So, I was truly confused about who cooked the meal (partly because it was so good and I didn't know if he could've made it!) since he was supposedly still at work.

When we'd finished eating, my roommate said she needed to use the restroom and went upstairs. A few seconds later she was at the top of the stairs saying she'd found another note! This note said he had one more surprise and that now that I'd had a relaxing massage and a filling lunch, it was time to get ready! He gave me just over an hour so I hurried upstairs to get in the shower. My roommate had told me she had plans with her cousin for the afternoon, so I expected her to be gone. When I got out of the shower, someone (my roommate) had put a 4th note and rose petals on my bed. This one was a puzzle that I had to solve in order to find out where I was supposed to meet him! The answer to the puzzle was: "Meet me at the campanile!"

The campanile is a huge bell tower on my college campus that has a lot of historical significance. When I arrived at the campanile, I saw rose petals and 5 roses (for our 5 years together!) leading to a bench. When I picked up the last rose, he appeared and I got to see him for the first time that day! He said some really sweet stuff while I stood there shaking and crying. Then he finally got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! Afterwards, he had his accomplice (my roommate!) come down from where she was taking pictures. We took tons more pictures and called our families to let them know. (Although, they all knew and were just waiting for a phone call!) It was absolutely amazing and I'm so thankful for such a creative and thoughtful fiance!

Did you originally think you knew when your proposal was coming? Were you right or were you totally surprised by how it happened?

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