Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pretty Please?: Asking Our Flower Girls

Our flower girls are my two precious nieces. They both hold extremely special places in my heart, and they love David as well! I call them both my princesses, and they love the Disney princesses, so I knew I wanted to play off that when I asked them.

I was able to find fairy princess wings and a wand and collected a lot of princess stuff from the $1 bins at Target:

And I put it all in a pink canvas bag that coordinated with our colors and made them a card:

That said:

They looked at it briefly (Who wants to read a card with all those goodies?!):

And gave us a resounding yes! I can't wait for them to walk down the aisle in their adorable dresses - I'm fully aware they'll steal the show, and I'm ok with that!

Are you having children in your wedding? How did you ask them?

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