Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bridal Shower Recap

I've already shown you the invitation and my shower hostess gifts, but I finally gathered enough pictures to give a recap of my shower this past weekend! I have to start by saying that I felt so incredibly blessed by all of the women who came (especially those who drove over 2 hours just for me!) and was overwhelmed - in a good way - by everyone's generosity! I wish I had taken more pictures of the decorations and gift table and stuff, but I guess I was too excited. The centerpieces were adorable:

And this is about the only picture I have of the gift/food table - Before it was even finished:

It started out with some mingling - I wish I would've gotten to talk to everyone! I felt like I didn't get to have a real conversation with anyone! But every time someone walked in the door I was SO excited to see them - It was so nice to see so many of my favorite ladies!

(You might recognize the lovely lady in the purple dress - It's Jill from We Are Man and Wife... Almost! It was fun having her and my friend J there-in the purple sweater-since they're also engaged and planning weddings!)

Once everyone was there we started by going around the room and having everyone introduce themselves and say how they knew David and me and share a memory/story about us if they wanted to. My aunt/godmother started off and had everyone laughing:

Everyone was so sweet - I seriously thought I was already going to start crying, but managed to pull it together. :) I loved that BM S had everyone do this because I had a lot of family and friends there that David's mom had never met, so this was a way of her 'meeting' them without it being totally overwhelming. 

After everyone had introduced themselves we started with our first game. BM S had made a basket of items that brides are likely to need on their wedding day and end up not having/forgetting. She walked around the room with the basket so everyone had a couple of seconds to look at the contents and then we had to make a list of as many items as we could remember. 

The winner remembered all but one or two of the items! I was seriously impressed. Next we played another game that focused more on how well everyone knew David and I, our relationship, and our wedding. Some of the questions were on the coasters on the tables (that you can see in the first picture and that I blogged about here). There were a few people that paid attention to them and it paid off in the end - Like David's little sister knowing exactly what I said when I saw the ring. :) I was amazed at how many people said 'I saw this on your blog!' or 'I read about this on your wedding website!' I definitely wasn't surprised by the winner - My friend J! We talk weddings/school/house buying/life all the time, so she knew almost every answer. She even knew our new address!

Then it was time for food before starting the present opening. I don't have pictures of this part, but BM S made delicious cupcakes and my sister/MOH made yummy punch. After everyone had their food I started opening the gifts - I was shocked by the generosity of my family and friends. I won't bore you with all of the pictures, but I have to share a couple of my favorites. Reading the cards from David's mom and my mom were the couple times I teared up - Both were SO sweet!

My FSIL (David's brother's wife) wasn't able to be there, but she made us a platter that matches our dishes! And she even put a little message on the back:

(Once I'm married and take David's last name, his SIL and I will have the same name!)

After opening all of the presents I tried to get pictures with most of the guests before they left. First, my absolutely adorable flower girls and ring bearer. Are they not the cutest?!

My momma and FMIL:

David's little sister, K - Our Jr BM:

Most of the women on my Dad's side of the family:

BM S and BM M:

My roommates and my shower hostesses:

I had such a good time seeing so many of my favorite ladies in one place, getting lots of new recipes, and experiencing the kindness and warm wishes of people who love us. The ONLY thing that could've made it better would've been having MOH A (who lives in Louisiana) and my sister/BM R (who just had a baby) there. I can't thank my shower hostesses enough! *Thank you again, since I know 3 of you will read this!! You made my shower SO special!* And to the guests who were there and are reading now - Thank you so much for coming! I felt so loved. Having this much fun seeing everyone at the shower made me even more excited for the wedding!

What was your favorite part of your shower? Or if you haven't had one yet, what are you most looking forward to?

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  1. You are welcome SO much!(Here I am checking your blog right on schedule!) I loved planning everything and seeing the smile on your face as the afternoon progressed! I can't wait till your wedding! <3

  2. I made the blog! yes!! life complete!! haha! glad we could help make it an enjoyable day for you!! best wishes!! and prayers!!

  3. omg...i spelled my name wrong....sad

  4. Yah! That's me in the picture :) Thanks for the shoutout. I had a great time at your shower and chatting with J and finding out that we have the same wedding colors!

    P.S. I took some pictures at your shower. I'll have to email them to you. I'm not sure if any of them turned out that great, but I'll send the ones that did your way.

    P.S.S. I literally laughed out loud when I read Retta's comment.

  5. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time at the shower! I'm glad I had a small part in planning it! and It seemed like everybody else had fun too, I hope. and hahaha Retta for spelling your name wrong!

  6. @ Simone, Retta, Beth, and Kirsten - Thank you all again!! You guys are far too sweet!
    @ Jill - I totally didn't put two and two together that you guys have the same colors! You should totally come next time we get together for a wedding project night (where she comes over while I try to get stuff done, basically!). I'm glad you guys got to talk! And I would LOVE your pictures!! My email is


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