Thursday, February 11, 2010

A New Favorite Store

I know I've blogged previously about places I frequent for inspiration and about deals I've found at random stores, but I have to add another one to the list! Last night I met a friend for dinner and some errands, and we stopped by TJ Maxx - I've always liked this store, but for some reason I hadn't thought to check there for anything wedding related. I ended up finding packages of these invitations for $1.99 (for 12!):

I sent BM S a picture to see if she liked them as bridal shower invites and she told me to grab the two packages they had left. I'm going to check the TJ Maxx at home this weekend and see if they have a couple more. If not, I know I've seen them at Michaels so maybe they'll be on sale there too! (No, I didn't intend to choose my bridal shower invites - I just enjoy saving people money, and I can't stand knowing that someone paid full price for something I saw on sale!)

They also had these BRIDES trivia coasters on sale for $1.99/pkg of 20!

They have really cute questions on them and would be perfect for a bridal shower.
They're questions like 'Where are we going on our honeymoon?', 'How did we meet?', 'What is our song?' and 'What is our pet's name?' And there's a space on the back of each one for you to write your answer. *Props to anyone who can answer all of those!*

I also found 18" vases for $6! I bought one and my friend (who is getting married July 31st) bought one and we're both going to use them - It's so nice to have someone to share wedding stuff with! I'm going to use them for the arrangements at the front of the church. I'm thinking I might do something similar to these that will be at the bar at the reception, except with bigger (pink) pomanders:

While neither of us found what we were originally looking for, it ended up being a successful trip for both of us! I'll be checking back regularly to see if they have new wedding stuff on sale now.

Have you found great deals on wedding related items at random stores? Where is your favorite place to look?


  1. I ALWAYS find great things at TJ Maxx... I found some great wedding ty note cards, a cute wedding binder organizer, and a box that i love - it's divided in two and one side says yes when you open it and the other says no... then there are little file divider for ABC order and it's to organize your RSVP's, it's actually been awesome!

  2. Yey! Cute finds! Don't you just love finding good deals? :) I found some cute invites for a $1 at Hallmark for the Bridal Luncheon I will host with my mom before the wedding.

  3. I LOVE TJ Maxx so much great stuff that! Great finds!

  4. I love TJ Maxx too! Unfortunately, we don't have one in our area... actually, I don't think there's any in Canada. But Winners/Homesense is the Canadian alternative and I always find the best stuff there. Congrats on your great finds!

  5. I've seen a lot of the "Brides" brand stuff at Tj maxx and Marshalls lately! So check Marshalls also!
    Love finding good deals and passing them on :)


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