Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Weekend Update

I apologize I didn't blog yesterday. I was definitely productive over the weekend, but I had two big tests yesterday and figured it was probably a good idea to spend my Sunday afternoon/evening studying instead of blogging. I think I'm getting sick too, which stinks. I definitely don't have time to be sick! 

Anyway, on to pictures of my progress. This is what my room looked like most of Friday and Saturday (granted, not much different than how it normally looks):

All spread out with the Olympics on and using the book I 
should've been studying from as a hard surface

Oh wait, I guess that means I made a decision about the coasters! I know a lot of you liked the first option I posted here, but I just didn't care for it. Both BM S and I LOVE the chandelier stamp in person, so we're going with it. Along with a different heart stamp, so there will still be a mixture of two designs: 


Are they perfect? No. But I love them, so I don't care! I also got some work done on the parents' and grandparents' wedding pictures project. I'm still missing 2 of the pictures, but I got the rest of them printed and framed, and they look SO cute so far:

*I apologize for the terrible picture, I'll take better ones as soon as I have all of the pictures!*

I also finished all 10 of our pomanders - I love them and it's such a relief to finally cross that project off my list!
I have a few more projects that I worked on that I'll post about throughout the week, so stay tuned for more details about my project filled weekend! I've been busy, especially with some etsy orders on top of everything else:

It's fun to work on someone else's wedding every once in awhile! 

Did anyone else have a really productive weekend? What all did you get done?


  1. Looks great! I can't wait to start an etsy store after the wedding.

  2. OOOOO! i think the coasters look so great!!!


  3. i love the coasters! and it's great you have so many past-wedding pictures to display, they look good!

  4. Oh, neat! What's your etsy shop?

  5. Looks SO great! :) Well done... getting some checks off the list!

  6. Very cool! The coasters turned out so great, the chandelier one looks perfect. Well done.

  7. Love how the coasters came out, especially the chandelier one!

  8. I loved the chandelier one much more than the other that you posted before. But I'm also really loving this new heart one! So cute! You did such a great job on these! :)

  9. The coasters turned out great! Mad props to you!

  10. Wow, you are definitely getting that to-do list tackled! The coasters look great. And perfect is overrated. I wish we could put out pics of our parents or grandparents weddings at our reception but there's so many reasons it won't work for us...besides not having any access to the pics :)

    I got stuff done this weekend...finished assembling favor boxes and had my bridal shower. Almost done writing thank you cards and am now starting my ribbon wand project. More to come...

  11. Cute stuff...I'm loving your ideas!


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