Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Take a Seat

I haven't really blogged about what we're doing in terms of seating for our 300 guests. For the most part, the people we're inviting know both of us and know each other, so I really wasn't concerned about having assigned seating. I don't think there will be any awkwardness, and it saves me a lot of time! :)

I did, however, want our families to all be able to sit together and near the head table and cake table, so that they'd all have seats and they'd be able to see. That, and I found these adorable eyelet place cards at Big Lots:

They were $2 for a package of 40 and they matched the garter I found there!

I'm going to do place cards for all of our family members, and I made signs that will be at each of the reserved tables:

I'm in love with the textured paper! 

I'll probably use something similar to these photo holders I made for David's brother and SIL's rehearsal dinner last July for the signs:

 Just imagine it painted black with pink ribbon

Since we pretty much know which family members will be attending our wedding, I'm hoping that this is another project I can get done ahead of time. Those are my favorite! 

How are you handling the seating of your guests?


  1. I know that you don't want to waste the time, but I highly recommend you do assigned seating, especially with 300 guests. If you're having any sort of meal, it really helps to have seating. Guests really appreciate it and it makes them feel more taken care of.

  2. I agree.. assigned seating for that many guests is the way to go. I went to a wedding where the guest count was around 150 and it was still very confusing where everyone should sit. I love the eyelet place cards! Great find. I need to check out Big Lots. Never thought to look there!

  3. I third the above comments. I don't think you need to assign seats but assigning a table will really help with that many guests. I went to one wedding without assigned tables and everyone roamed around lost, not really sure where to sit and it was sort of like trying to find a seat in a high school cafteria. There will be large groups wanting to sit together while some guests may not really have anyone to sit with. Just my thoughts.

  4. For us, assigned seating was never an option. Since we only have 75 guests, hopefully it wont cause any confusion, but we wanted to promote a casual atmosphere instead of making people feel like they had to sit where we told them too. We want mingling to happen and I didn't want the stress of picking seats and making sure people stuck to it. Plus, we didn't want the added cost of table number signs and escort cards.

  5. Having a seating arrangement makes the reception look more organized. Besides, even if everyone seem to know everyone, still there are people who prefer to sit with certain people than the others.

  6. I am a huge fan of seating assignments - mostly because I love all the little extras that go into the process: escort cards, place cards, etc. Just fun little decor to add to the whole feel of the day.

    I will be blogging shortly about how I am tackling the seating assignments for our 200 guests...but I have an amazing computer program that assists with this project. I'll be sharing about it in the next month or so.

  7. Okay, so a Big Lots just opened a few weeks ago in College Station. And I was like omg. That's where Laura finds all her awesome stuff! So I went there all excited-like, and found absolutely nothing.

    It was pretty much the biggest dissappointment ever. Apparently your Big Lots is cooler than mine.

  8. @ Katie - Ugh, how frustrating! I'll be honest, it's definitely hit or miss. Did you by chance check their clearance section? They might not have one since it's so new, but the last time I went some of the stuff was back there and was marked down to $1.00!


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