Thursday, February 25, 2010

Incredible Talent

A while back I found A Very Chocolate Wedding (now A Very Chocolate Life). She was just starting recaps of her fabulous wedding, and I was SO inspired by so many of the projects she did. It's a little late in the game (we're only 7 days away from the 100 day mark!) for gathering more inspiration, but I just had to pass these gorgeous pictures along to those of you who are still at that stage. 

First of all, she made all of her bouquets out of paper flowers! And she's posted tutorials for several different types of flowers. They turned out SO well!

She made her boutouneiers as well - They're made out of modeling clay and she posted a tutorial for these as well!

And you know I loved the paper lanterns and paper poms hanging over the dance floor:

Did you notice the banners in the background of the last picture? She made all of those herself, too! They're inexpensive and they make a huge impact!

I loved her centerpieces and table numbers:

Another fun idea - Covering glass doors with kraft paper! She punched all of those holes so that light would shine through the design:

Ok, I could go on for days, but the moral of the story is you should go check out her blog! It's awesome to see the pictures from such a gorgeous wedding that used SO many DIY projects. I hope mine turns out half this well!

What weddings have you found that have beautifully incorporated lots of DIY projects?

**All pictures in this post are from A Very Chocolate Wedding


  1. Wow these are great! I'm getting married in 4 months, and i might just have to use some of these ideas! We'll see what i have time for...:)

  2. Awesome ideas! I'd never seen her blog before, so thanks for the link.

  3. Wow...I am always in awe of people like you and her who are able to do all of that. I can barely tackle the tasks I have of assembling the things I'm incorporating into the wedding. :) And I never would have guessed all those flowers were MADE! Very impressive.

  4. @ Petie - Um, hi!! Did you realize who this is? :)

  5. Wow. LOVE those banners. But I'm pretty sure my venue won't let me affix things to the wall. They're kind of picky. :(


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