Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Perfect Weekend

I promised a recap and pictures of the weekend, so here we go! I mentioned in my Valentine's Day post that David was surprising me with the plans for the day. That really should have read, 'David hasn't had time to plan anything, but he's telling me it's a surprise to buy himself some time.' There didn't end up being any plans, but the weekend turned out fabulous regardless. 

Friday night we went to our high school's homecoming game and got to catch up with old friends and teachers. I just love going back to our high school - Everyone is so excited for us! It makes me even more excited for the wedding. I got to see one of my good friend's little sister win homecoming queen, and M, one of our ushers was part of the homecoming court for the junior class. After the game we drove by our house (is that creepy?) and then rented a movie. *PS - Paranormal Activity wasn't nearly as scary as I was expecting..*

On Saturday we took Paisley to the vet and relaxed most of the afternoon. We decided to 'celebrate' on Saturday evening instead of Sunday, so we got dressed up, visited our high school's homecoming for a little bit to see David's brother and his girlfriend and I got to see a couple of my favorite ladies!


We had a yummy dinner and a nice quiet evening and it was perfect. And I think we looked pretty cute too:

On Sunday we went to church and had lunch with my family and then ran some errands before David had to ref. Sunday evening he gave me the sweetest card, which was the extent of our 'gifts' - unless you want to count the whole HOUSE thing earlier in the week. :) I'm a huge card person, and both David and I spend forever picking the perfect cards for each other, but this one was particularly meaningful. I've gotta share it - I feel like it fit us perfectly. It said:

"When I fell in love with you, I never could have imagined all the twists and turns our lives would take. We've had our share of laughs along the way - and we've held tight through some tough times, too. We're stronger and closer because of everything we've shared. Our life isn't always perfect - I wouldn't expect it to be - but it is always worth it. I wouldn't want to live a single minute of any of it with anyone else but you. I really do love you... more than ever."

And he added:

"Life is about to get crazy and I can't wait knowing that we will have each other to go through it with! The only thing this card is missing is that I am constantly falling more in love with you each day. Happy Valentine's Day! PS: Next year I can buy a card that says "wife" :)"

Yea, he's the best. And that card and the memories of the weekend were the best present I could've asked for. What's funny is that I had honestly thought to myself a couple hours earlier, "I can't believe that next year I'll finally get to buy a 'husband' card!" It's the little things in life. 

I hope all of you had a fabulous Valentine's Day and that above all else, you felt loved and blessed.

How did you 'celebrate'? Were presents an important part of your celebration?


  1. So cute! You've got a keeper! :)

  2. Sweet sweet...no we had a no gift policy, but my fiance broke that policy and got me flowers & candy anyway...he's a brat!


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