Monday, August 17, 2009

Dressing My Girls

I had been debating about bridesmaid dresses for awhile. I just couldn't decide if I wanted the girls to wear black, black and white, or pink. And I didn't know if I wanted them to be matching or if I liked it more when each girl picks her own dress. I had found a few dresses that I really liked, but some of them weren't available in a wide enough range of sizes and others might not be dresses that all of the girls would feel comfortable in. More than anything, I seriously wanted something that the girls will wear again. So that meant I wasn't too keen on any real 'bridesmaid' dresses or anything in a color that they can't really wear to anything.

I like these dresses, and they come in pretty much every size:

source for all 3 ($69.99 with an extra 20% off)

I liked either the first 2 colors together or the second 2 colors together. I didn't know if they'd be the most practical, though - I mean, not everyone loves pink as much as I do and I wasn't sure where else they'd wear them. They do still kind of look like bridesmaid dresses.

I really loved this style of dress, but wasn't able to find them:

I'm not sure where the first picture came from, and the 2nd is one of my good friends from high school - It was her prom dress. I love both of them!

There are some other cute black and black and white dresses on White House Black Market's website, but the sale dresses aren't available in more than a couple sizes, and their dresses are on the expensive side at full price.

I did love the way mismatched dresses look:

source - Mrs. Avacado on Weddingbee

I'm not sure of the original source, but found here
along with a lot of other inspiration for mismatched dresses

I decided to just email all of them and ask what their thoughts were. I didn't know if some of them would like more direction than me just saying, "Find a black dress you love!" or if they'd prefer it that way. I ended up getting a unanimous response, though! You'll just have to wait and see what it was...


  1. What about mismatched pink dresses? :)

  2. I've thought about that - The only thing I'm worried about is some of the shades of pink clashing. I love the picture of mismatched pink dresses that I posted, but our colors are brighter pinks than the light pinks she used which I think made it work so well. I think I'll just let the girls vote between mismatched black dresses or mismatched pink ones and go with the majority! :)

  3. Laura! What if you did black dresses and were able to add pink somehow? Like pink shoes, pink bangles, earrings, sash around the waist, necklace, hair piece? This way you could get the black dresses (easiest way I'm guessing) and then still have the pink! :) I think add one spot of pink for each girl would be awesome!! Oh, and make every girl have a different thing that's pink so they aren't so matchy matchy--that's even more chic I think :)

  4. Ha, we think too much alike! I'll be posting about what I've pretty much decided - I just emailed the girls, but as long as they're ok with it, it's a go! :)


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