Monday, August 17, 2009

Search for a Dress: Part 2

I love love love Maggie Sottero. I knew her dresses would be out of my price range brand new, but I wanted to try a few different styles on and if I loved any of them, I'd look for them on websites with preowned, once worn wedding dresses. My mom and I decided to go to Reni's Bridal Boutique in Wichita one Saturday morning. We drove all the way across town and when I called to find out exactly where they were located, she told me I needed an appointment and they were full that day. So, we did what any normal people would do... We went anyway. Ha, I know that's kind of rude, but we were already there, and I wasn't going to drive all the way back out there without knowing which Maggie dresses they carried. I wasn't planning on getting to try any on or anything.

So we walked in and the first thing the woman working says is, "Do you have an appointment?" and I said, "No, but..." and she cut me off and said, "You were the ones who just called, weren't you?" Uh, what a way to start. So I explained that I just wanted to look and that I knew I couldn't try anything on. When she found out where I went to high school things started looking up, finally. She told me her favorite brides were from my high school. She gave my mom and I the Maggie books they had which had the dresses they carry marked. I had made a list of about 15 dresses I liked, but they only carried 2 or 3 of them. (But they made sure I knew I could order any of the dresses from them - Eek! I'd be way too scared to order a dress without trying it on.)

They decided to pull the couple that they had in stock so I could try them on - Turns out their next appointment wasn't for another hour and a half. I liked both of the dresses I tried on. Both were too big, though, so it was hard to see exactly what they'd look like and they were both over $1,100. I only have pictures of one of them:

David, there are more pictures of me in white dresses, so don't you dare read the rest of the post. Love you!


I really can't remember which Maggie dresses they were, but while I liked them, I didn't love either of them, so my search continued.

Were you disappointed by the selection of dresses at any of the bridal salons you visited?

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