Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We're Goin to the Chapel...

Or so we thought... We had originally planned to get married at the church that we attend. The main sanctuary is huge (seating for a couple thousand), so we looked at the chapel which seats right around 300.

The chapel was perfect - just the right size, and it has pews, which was important to me. I grew up in Lutheran churches and it just seems more like a church if it has pews. It also has a central aisle, which was another thing I really wanted. (The main sanctuary doesn't have pews - The seats are more like movie theater seating, which was another drawback in my mind.) The stained glass in the chapel was even pink! So we got the contact information for the wedding coordinator and called her a couple days later.

Unfortunately, she called back and told us that the weekend we've chosen (and the weekend after, which was our second option) are not possibilities for weddings - It's the week of Vacation Bible School. We're having one of the pastors there officiate our service anyway - more on that later - so he tried to see if there was any way we could work around it, but it's a pretty firm decision. The main sanctuary is not available either, so that wasn't even an option.

We were basically back at square one. My mom had noticed there was a pretty church right across the street from our reception location, so we decided to look into it. The church is United Methodist and is beautiful!

David called to find out if the allow non-members to use the church and if they allow outside pastors to preform the ceremony. They said yes to both and it was the perfect size! And there was even a choir loft available for extra seating if we needed it.

*Ignore David's head - He stepped in front of my picture. This is the choir loft/doors - The ceiling is beautiful!

The church has such a history, and it was so interesting to hear about the congregation's past. David and I both loved it, so we just needed to meet with the pastor there to work out all of the details. I was so excited that the location would be so convenient for all of our guests! They'd just have to cross the street over to our reception venue after the ceremony.

Of course, nothing is ever as easy as it seems... We ran into another roadblock.

Was findning the location for your ceremony an easy decision? Or did outside factors end up changing your original plan?

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