Friday, August 14, 2009

We're Goin to the Chapel... Part 3

The same afternoon we looked at RiverWalk, I talked to my mom and she had a couple other suggestions. I was raised Lutheran and was baptized and confirmed in the same Lutheran church. (I also attended preschool through 8th grade at that church's Lutheran school.) However, a few years ago there were some issues with the principle of the school and my nephew. My sister and brother-in-law, their family, and my mom and I all left the school and church. (The church because the pastor, who had known our family for over 20 years, refused to get involved in the situation or say anything to the principle, who was out of line.) Anyway, long story short, although the 2 people we had problems with there have left, there are still some negative feelings among my family for the church and I'd rather not be thinking about that on my wedding day. So my mom suggested another Lutheran church, Trinity Lutheran, which is actually only a couple miles from our reception hall. It was the first LCMS (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod) church in Wichita. When I looked at their website, I was amazed:

I called the church immediately and talked to their substitute secretary. Growing up in a Lutheran church, I knew how strict their rules on wedding ceremonies are, but I thought it was worth a try. I first asked if they do weddings for non-members, and she replied, "It depends. As long as there isn't a member wanting to get married on the same day. What is your date?" I told her June 12th, and she said it was open! The next part was what I was worried about - usually Lutheran churches ONLY allow ordained Lutheran pastors, and specifically LCMS pastors, to perform ceremonies. She asked, "Do you have your own minister?" and I told her we did, and asked if that was ok. She asked what denomination and when I told her non-denominational and that he is a pastor at one of the large Christian churches here in Wichita, she said, 'Ok!' So she said she would get me information regarding prices. However, over a week went by without hearing from her.

We were both really hoping everything would work out. It had the pews I want, the center aisle, it's BEAUTIFUL, and it could seat around 400 people - perfect size! We were praying the price is reasonable and that there weren't any other restrictions regarding the ceremony. But, believe it or not, we ran into yet another roadblock. Would we ever find a church?

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