Saturday, August 29, 2009

Have I Mentioned How Much I Love Pictures?

We took our first set of engagement pictures in Lawrence (where I go to school) in September with David's SIL. The package we chose with our photographer doesn't include an engagement session because we already had a couple people in mind that we'd love to have take them. David's SIL has done photography on the side for a few years now. We knew we wouldn't be able to have pictures taken in Lawrence by our photographer (as she's out of Wichita, my hometown and where the wedding is) and I looove Lawrence in the fall. Unfortunately, the weekend in September was the only weekend that would for sure work for David to be here, so the trees hadn't changed yet. I was still really excited, though, as KU has a beautiful campus and I knew we'd get to take some pictures there:

*This is a picture from tailgating before a football game last October, I hadn't noticed until today that the Campanile was in the background - Where he proposed 5 months later!*

We originally planned to do two different outfits. For the first one I planned to wear my favorite black dress with a hot pink cropped sweater and some cute pink shoes. He was going to wear a black polo and either khakis or jeans. For the second outfit I'd be wearing a cute green top with jeans and he'd be wearing a green polo with jeans - We decided on green because we both think it makes our eyes look greener! :)

I gave L, his SIL, a couple ideas of specific locations I really liked including the campanile and this really cool garage type thing:

I also told her about some nearby parks thinking we'd be set between those and campus.

I told L I definitely want a jumping picture (they're so fun!) and I showed a few other 'inspiration' pictures that I love:

*Can you tell I love Anne Ruthmann??*

*This is actually one of my senior pictures with David!*

I was so excited for the shoot and so thankful that we have such talented people in our lives! Of course, however, nothing ever goes as planned...

Is your photographer taking your engagement pictures? Or do you have a friend that's a talented photographer, too?

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