Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ideas in Real Life

Every time I stumble across a wedding that used/incorporated an idea similar to what I'm planning, I get so excited! I'm a very visual person so seeing things 'in real life' makes me so much more confident in my plans.

Finding pictures of bridesmaids with mismatched black dresses always makes me so glad I decided to go that route:

Aren't those all gorgeous?! And totally unique, even though they're technically all the same idea.

And flower girls in tutus? There's nothing cuter!

Post on Weddingbee boards of Layla's wedding!

I love seeing different takes on similar details and projects!

Does seeing pictures of a project that you're planning to do make you more excited for it?


  1. Ohh, I love the mismatched black dresses. They make for really classy looking pictures!

    Sometimes seeing pictures make me excited, but if it's better than something I already implemented, then I get a little regretful, lol.

  2. I agree! I love seeing ideas I'm planning already in action. I've been [planning a navty and white wedding for over a year and I was so excited to see Mrs. Gloss re-caps on weddingbee! She has the same nautical/navy feel we are hoping for.

  3. @ Newport Nuptials - I love her wedding! I'm sure your's will be gorgeous as well!


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