Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Wedding I've Been Dreaming Of

 I've already posted about how I love seeing ideas that I'm incorporating in 'real life,' so I couldn't help but share this wedding with you all. I happened to find this bride's planning bio, and it was incredible how many of the pictures she used as inspiration I've had saved/bookmarked. She used the same colors and damask theme, had mismatched black bridesmaid dresses, had almost the exact hair and makeup look I want, and had tons of adorable personal touches that I absolutely loved. It's so fun to see how her details turned out in relation to her inspiration!

Love the bridesmaids' headbands!

What's that? You'd like to see more details? Ok!

(I have an upcoming project involving damask hangers!)

Love love love her makeup!

All images from her bio and copyright of Studio 563 photography

It's so exciting to see a wedding that perfectly achieved the feel I want! I love being able to see the mess of ideas in my head come together in something so gorgeous - I hope I'm able to do as good a job as she did of making my dream come to life!

Have you seen your dream wedding achieved by another bride?


  1. Thanks for posting this. This is also similar to what I'm planning with the black/white damask and even down to the pink peonies which will be in my bridesmaid bouquets. Sounds like we have similar taste :)

  2. Well, the wedding I found on a coordinator's blog is the one I used as my inspiration for colors and some other small ideas like favor boxes and such. Her wedding just happened to take place at my venue. I even hired the same florist as her (though didn't know it at the time) and hired the stationery company she used to handle the invites and the paper stuff at the venue (though I did know that). So in some ways I feel like I've copied her, but in reality our events are truly not the same other than some colors and a few small details. But I love visiting the images again on the blog because the overall colors just remind me of how I want my own day to look :)

  3. These pictures are great!! Choosing to have mismatched black bridesmaid dresses looks really good..and the pink goes really well with the black/white & damask!

  4. Love this wedding! How fun to find a wedding that inspires you! And doesn't it make you feel better knowing it's going to look amazing when you execute all those ideas! Can't wait to see it!

  5. I LOVE this wedding! Such wonderful pictures. I love the colors and the bouquet and that table is to.die.for.


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