Monday, December 14, 2009

A Moment of Prayer

I don't think there's any better way to calm my nerves and to prepare me for what's ahead than to say a prayer with the most important women in my life. At my sister's wedding, the pastor came in after we were all ready and said a prayer for my sister and BIL and their marriage. It was so touching, and so calming right before the ceremony. I'm hoping our officiant will be able to do the same thing right before we all walk down the aisle. If not, I think it would be just as touching for my mom and FMIL to pray. I can't wait to get pictures like this - they're all so full of emotion:


(I love this shot of someone catching her tears! That's actually one of my friends from high school - Wasn't she a gorgeous bride?)

And how cute would it be if the guys joined in?

I'm really looking forward to a moment of prayer before one of the biggest moments of my life. I'm sure I'll cry, but it will be totally worth it!

Are you doing anything similar?


  1. This is totally great! A perfect way to start off a long day of wedding festivities, I'll definitely be doing something similar! :)

  2. Definitely doing the same! Saying a quick prayer always calms me down, and what better way to get in the mindset to walk down the aisle.

  3. The pictures just make me feel great. I think this is a wonderfu idea. I hope that something like this happens at my wedding.

  4. I'm tearing up thinking about your wedding, and B and I being included (since moms weren't included before your siblings' weddings). I can't believe the day is coming so soon! Love you!

  5. Oh man...the pictures brought me to tears! Just before my sister's wedding I was running around like a mad woman trying to get everything organized and get the guys in the golfcarts and such for the processional. I ran into the bride's dressing area where my sis and the other Bridesmaids were all standing waiting to make our exit. I took a deep breath and stopped and said, let's just say a prayer for a second. I said a calm prayer for my sister and BIL and the day and then we all looked up at each other. The girls had tears in their eyes and my sister said "Thanks for making me cry right before I walk down the aisle!" LOL We didn't have any photographers in there with us...just the bride and her 4 bridesmaids. I actually wish we would have had a photog but at the same time I think the beauty of it was that it was just us ladies in a precious few moments of stillness and calm without any flashes or movement. So glad to hear so many others will be doing this and I definitely will as well!


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