Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Another Apology

I obviously didn't do a very good job of scheduling posts for this week. And I'm working this week (obviously working pretty hard since I'm blogging right now) so I haven't had time to write posts during the day. However, we are making some wedding related progress! Last night David and I composed our 'revised' guest list in Excel and started filling in addresses. We've got about 30 done and 150 to go, but I think starting the process was half the battle. We're hoping to get our STDs sent out next week (finally!). I also brought home the materials for the centerpieces, so hopefully we'll make some progress on those while I have David and my mom's extra hands to help and I'm going to be starting on the flower girl tutus (yes, I decided to make them - I'll be sure to post a tutorial!) within the next couple days. We've got quite the to-do list for the rest of the time I'm home:

  • Find 2 hotel options to reserve blocks of rooms for OOT guests - Has been on David's list for the last couple months

  • Attend the bridal show next Saturday and hopefully find a good deal on transportation (limo) - This is one of David's tasks since he's the one who is adament about a limo and will be paying for it

  • Meet with the jeweler tomorrow evening about my custom wedding bands

  • Look at options for our living arrangements after the wedding!

  • Finish the STDs and get them sent

  • Update our wedding website before the STDs are sent out since they have the link on them

  • Register! Likely at Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond
  • Book our honeymoon! I think I'm most excited about this!

  • David is arranging a time for him and his guys to go pick out their tuxes and get measured while all of them are in town over the break

  • Meet with the wedding coordinator at the church we're getting married in

What's sad is I think I'm forgetting some things. But I'm so excited to get some of that big stuff checked off our list - It will relieve a lot of stress for me, and a little of the frustration I have about David not getting any of his things done. :) I can't promise that I'll be blogging every day, but I will promise to update you all with the progress we make as soon as I get a chance! Hope everyone is doing well and if I don't blog again before Thursday - Happy New Year!!

Are you using this 'break' (from school - if you still have one) to get some things crossed off your list? And- slightly unrelated-how are you ringing in the new year?


  1. Ringing in the new year extremely mellow this year...probably just me and Mr Fix It hanging out watching New Year's Eve shows before I have to go pick my daughter up from her very first New Year's Eve party :)

    So glad you're getting lots done and I know all about frustration with the groom's not tackling their list. I made a list of monthly to-do's for Mr Fix It and stuck it on his fridge back in August. He has still not handled the honeymoon and every day this week he keeps saying he's 'going to get it done before the end of the year.' Whatever.

    And I highly suggest you pop in to see what the boys are picking out for tuxes when they do that because I am so glad I went with them to put my foot down on a few things (see this Saturday's upcoming post). :)

    Happy New Year!

  2. Ohh, I have been thinking of making a wedding website as well! Do you find you've gotten a lot of use out of it? What site do you recommend to use?

  3. @ Mrs. Beaver - Yea, David's had his list since about August too. Ahh, men. And that's a good idea about going with him when they pick out tuxes. Although we've pretty much already picked them out of a catalogue so none of them have much say. :)

    @ Kas - I think it'll be really helpful, especially for our guests from out of town who will need directions to the venues and might want information about hotels and stuff like that. We're also going to use it for RSVPs. We're using mywedding.com and I really like it. I liked the layouts, the pages are easy to design, I was able to do multiple photo albums (which was important to me), and the RSVP was customizable so that you can sync it with your guest list (in an Excel spreadsheet) and people will be able to search for their name(s) and click either attending or not attending rather than filling in a number that will be attending. That way, no one can bring extra guests. Sorry for the novel!

  4. the lists are neverending when planning a wedding!!! good luck!! especially with the "his" tasks! hope he does better than my husband ever did!!


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