Monday, December 7, 2009

More Shoes

No, I haven't changed my mind about my shoes. I'm talking about my bridesmaids' shoes. If you remember, they were all on board with finding pink shoes since they're wearing mismatched dresses. I've been looking for heels in a bright pink shade, without too high of a heel, and for a reasonable price. I haven't been very successful thus far, so I thought I'd turn to you guys since you're all pros at finding cute shoes! I know December isn't the best time to be looking, but you never know!

So far, this is the only pair I've found that I really like (as do 3 of my lovely ladies):

The only problems are the heel height (4") and not all of the sizes are available online, although we could visit the stores in the area and probably find the sizes we need. The color and price are great, though!

I think these would be cute with some sort of embellishment:

The color swatch looks more pink and less purple:


I think they're cute, the heel is 3 1/2" rather than 4, and they'd only be $25 if we ordered them together. (They have a special right now if you buy 2 or more, they're $25 instead of $29). They have a broader range of sizes, too.

I happened to find these while browsing on

Still a 3 1/2" heel and only $25 (including shipping!), but there aren't as many sizes available.

These are the most expensive of the options I've found, but they have a lower heel, and I think they're adorable:


I'm going to ask my ladies what they think of the above options, but if you happen to stumble across any hot pink reasonably priced heels (that aren't made for strippers - who knew they made so many pink stripper heels?!), please send them my way!

Did your bridesmaids wear matching shoes? If so, was it difficult finding/choosing what they wore?


  1. I love pink! you can never go wrong with pink ;)

  2. I was going to a post about this sometime but here's the link to my shoes:

    They are pretty high and look somewhat like stripper shoes to me though! lol. I'm probably only wearing them for my bridal portraits and some pics before the ceremony so I'm not too concerned about them (since they were so cheap!). This link only shows them in black but if you go to the Pumps page it shows the pink.

  3. Those are all really cute! I like the last one with the big ruffly flower, but maybe with more of a stilletto heel? Good luck with your search!

  4. I really like the pointy-toe ones and the first ones you posted. Good luck finding ones you love!

  5. I like the first pair best! I'll be on the lookout for you :)

  6. @ Kristin - I love those! I think my girls would kill me if I asked them to wear heels that high, but I think they're so cute!

    @ Christin - Thanks! :)

  7. Maybe they can just wear the heels during the pictorials.. then dance comfortably barefoot on the dance floor! Yipee! :-) I'm planning to dance barefoot. hehehe... I like the one with the big flower thing in front.


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