Friday, December 11, 2009

Is That Really Necessary?

About a year ago, a group of my girlfriends and I got together and had pictures taken by B, one of our friends from high school who was a year younger than us. I organized the shoot because I wanted MOH A (my best friend) to have pictures to take with her to basic training as she was joining the Air Force a couple months later. It was so much fun, and I loved how the pictures turned out:


BM M, MOH A, and I

(We took several that were obviously posed laughter, but I loved the genuine look of shock on my face in this one! Ha! I still remember the story one of the girls told to get that reaction)

When thinking about engagement pictures, I knew B was talented and that I especially loved her style and her post-processing talent, but I somehow kind of forgot about her. That is, until a couple days ago when I saw some engagement pictures she took of her roommate and her fiance in the snow! I fell in love and decided we need some e-pics in the snow - Just look at these!






I apologize for the overload of pictures, but I just couldn't choose favorites! And naturally, I looked for more inspiration from my favorite source and came across these beauties:

(We could even bring Paisley! Ha, she'd be so mad at us.)

So, it's decided. I talked to Brynne, and we're both going to be back home for winter break. We're going to watch the forecast for snow and plan a shoot around it! Were two engagement shoots not enough? Is a third one really necessary? Nope. But we're only engaged once and I'll cherish the pictures forever! Also, we originally wanted one shoot in Lawrence (where I'm at school, on campus where we got engaged) and one in Wichita (our hometown and where the wedding will be) and Brynne's style is completely different from FSIL's which is fun! I'm so excited!

Have you found something you loved (but wasn't necessary) and decided to do/buy it anyway? Was it worth it?


  1. Don't apologize for the pics. I love looking at them. Hey if you can do another e shoot then go for it! I am looking forward to seeing those too :)

  2. Your friend is super talented. I love all the photos. I can't wait to see your snow pics!

  3. Taking the pictures for your friend is such a great idea! How sweet of you.

    I love the idea of taking some snowy e-pics!

  4. How fun! If I could get away with 3 e-shoots you can bet I'd do it. Not sure how Josh would like that, though. I hate snow but if I could get some amazing pics like the ones you posted, I might be able to set aside my feelings and brave the cold. Can't wait to see how they turn out!!

  5. Too much? Are you kidding? You two take pictures every time you go out!!! Be glad - you'll cherish them forever, and so will we!!

  6. Too many? The two of you take pictures every time you go out!!! But you'll enjoy them forever, and so will we!!!

  7. We took two sets of engagement photos. One here in Atlanta in the little neighborhood where we went for our first date, and the other in Virginia with our wedding photographer. I have to say that I'm glad we did both because we really knew how to loosen up for the second go around.

    Why not have a 3rd?? It sounds like you have connections with your friends and family, so I would say go for it! The snow looks so peaceful and calm. I bet your pictures would be amazing!


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