Thursday, November 19, 2009

Every Little Bit Helps

I wasn't kidding when I said I had some extra time this week - I was able to spend most of the evening yesterday working on some small projects I'd wanted to get done for awhile now. They aren't anything major, but I still love being able to cross things off my to-do list!

First, we ordered our STDs! I liked how the one I had printed at Target came out, so I went ahead and ordered all 250 of them from Shutterfly. I signed up for an account which gave me 50 free prints, and I also had a coupon code for free shipping on purchases over $30 (SHIP30 if you're interested!), so the total came out to only $32.66 after tax! I saved $20, and I'm more than happy with the quality and the fact that I should have them in 3-7 business days!

I also worked on the throw garter. I blogged about wanting to have a KU garter for us to keep (and for my something blue), but I didn't necessarily want to spend the same amount on another garter that will likely end up around one of David's buddy's head. I happened to find this Martha Stewart eyelet garter at Big Lots (I swear I'm not being paid to advertise for them - I just find great stuff there!) for $2.00:

source - Funny that they're trying to sell the same thing for $14.99

It was a little plain, so I added a little ribbon-which makes everything better-and a small embellishment, and it now looks like this:

I finally got around to buying some beads to hang down in the vases with the off white pomanders on top. I couldn't get a very good picture of it, but the beads catch the light and make a big difference - The vase doesn't look nearly as empty now:

I think I might also add some clear floral rocks with a LED tealight to the bottom like I did in the centerpieces:

It would add even more interest to the bottom of the vase, and it would make it a lot less top heavy.

I also finally figured out something to add to my tulle pomander centerpieces! I wanted pearls or something that would catch the light, and I found these glass beads on wires in the Christmas section at Hobby Lobby. There were probably close to 50 in the package, and they were 50% off making them like $1.50! It was the perfect solution - It requires barely any extra work, but makes a big difference I think. Again, it was hard to get a good picture of them, but this is the idea:

I still haven't added the ribbon and tag with our monogram, but they're getting closer to the final version!

And last, but definitely not least, I finally got around to making an invitation mock-up! But I'm going to save that for another post. :) I'll just give you a teaser:

While none of these things are huge in and of themselves, it felt so good to make progress! Every little bit helps!

Have you had a chance to get around to the little projects that seem to get pushed to the side? Doesn't it feel good when you make some progress on them?


  1. Wow you've done a lot! Love how its all looking! It definitely feels good when projects can get checked off. I think its actually a little addictive and I end up wanting to do more and more!

  2. I am staring at my DIY mustaches and stationery products wondering when I am going to get around to them (sigh)

  3. I love DIY! Great job. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your invites!

  4. Dang girl, you were bookin' it! I've been finding lots of Martha stuff at Big Lots too, great resource. Can't wait to see the invites!

  5. Ahhh I feel like you're my wedding and real life twin! hahah.... My invitation inserts are set up like that too!
    The garter is absolutely adorable, and I loooove how cheap it was. Good call on the tulle pomander accents, I needed something for mine, and was planning on going to Hobby Lobby tomorrow anyways, so I'll have to look for those.
    Awesome, awesome!

  6. @ Chocolate Lover - I agree! I always end up wanting to get more done the next night!

    @ kmattso - Haha, I know! I so wish we lived closer! If you end up going to Hobby Lobby, these are 'A Tree for Me!' brand (for 'table trees') and then come in a little bag with probably 50 of them or so - They're actually wires with a bead on each end, but I'm using wire cutters to cut them in half and get twice as many out of each bag. And they're $1.99 originally, so only $1.00 right now! Sorry for the novel!

  7. Thanks lady!!! I'm going there tomorrow so I'll deifnitely get some. I know exactly where you're talking about. I spent about 40 minutes in the Christmas section last week trying to figure out our tree =]
    Enjoy your Thanksgiving break...we get the whole week off, not sure about you! But Mr. T will be in town for alllll of it!!!

  8. Haha, we really are twins! I'm so jealous you have the whole week off.. We have class Monday and Tuesday, which is so stupid. Have so much fun with Mr. T!


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