Friday, June 4, 2010

Bachelorette Party Weekend!

I wanted to check in before I leave for my last weekend as a fiance! My bachelorette party is this weekend and I am SO excited. I've been a bit stressed, so this weekend is exactly what I need. We're going out tonight in Wichita with all of our girl friends from high school, David's mom, and my FSIL. Tomorrow morning we (including my momma!) leave bright and early for KC to meet up with more friends and bridesmaids for a day of laying out and shopping and a night of dinner and dancing! I can't wait!

And in true Laura fashion, guess what I was working on last night around midnight... With the help of David, my lovely MOH, and her boyfriend:

Eeek, please excuse the mess

Bridal party tshirts of course! I apologize in advance - I could NOT get a good picture of any of them! Please believe me that they're way cuter in person. I'm sure I'll have some pictures of them from this weekend!

And mine:

The moms got shirts as well, but they got pins instead of iron-ons:

This project was SO easy - And so much cheaper than the shirts you can buy pre-made. I got each of the shirts, which are cute and fitted, for $2.50 (when they were 50% off at Hobby Lobby) and the iron-ons were $1 each at Michaels. The moms' pins were around $3 (when the wedding stuff was 50% off at Hobby Lobby). It's unnecessary, but it's one of those little touches I've always wanted. :) 

Ok, I'm off for a weekend of fun! I can't believe it's the last one before the wedding - WHERE did the time go?! I'll be back with a recap next week!


  1. Ooh, good deals on the bridal attire! It's silly how much it costs pre-made when you're only going to wear the stuff once, but at those prices it's worth it :D

  2. Have fun! How exciting...I cant believe your time is already here!!!!

  3. We needed so many shirts for my bach party that my friend bought the iron on things from the store and designed something online, saved a ton of money and turned out so cute!


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