Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vendor Review - Hair: Suzy at Hair Connection

I was fairly picky about how I wanted my hair. When I did my trial, I bought in a collage of pictures of hairstyles I liked and let Suzy kind of interpret the look I was going for. 

for sources see this post

I thought she did ok with my trial, but it definitely wasn't what I asked for. One thing that all of the pictures had in common was loose, side swept bangs. She pinned mine back and sprayed them down. After I got home and fixed my bangs, it looked like this:

So when I went in the morning of the wedding I took only one style for my inspiration picture. I told her to basically give me this girl's hair: 

I think she got semi-close to the look I was going for. She made the curls tighter to start out with because she knew they'd fall as the day went on, which was good. They were closer to what I wanted for pictures and the ceremony.

The morning of the wedding, she was pretty friendly and easy to work with, which was nice because she had kind of rubbed me the wrong way during the trial. I think it's just her personality and she's not an overly friendly or outgoing person. 

Overall I think she did an ok job, but it didn't really look like my trial or exactly like my inspiration picture. Maybe she decided to kind of meet in the middle of the two. I wish it would've been closer to my inspiration picture, but I was content with it and it really wasn't a big deal in the grand scheme of the things. I'd probably recommend her, but I'd encourage other brides to try other stylists in Wichita too before booking her.

My rating: B


  1. I'm sorry you weren't happier with your hair. I think it looks really nice from what I can tell in the pictures. One thing I learned in my hair trial is that it's hard to re-create exact looks b/c everyone's hair type is different. For instance the style I wanted required a LOT more hair than I have naturally which is why she suggested I buy a clip in hair extension. I wasn't thrilled with my hair during the trial but on the day of I thought she knocked it out of the park. It didn't really look like my inspiration photo but I actually thought it looked better.

  2. I really didnt care for my hair either which is horrible b/c i LOVE my stylist. I had been growing my hair long to wear down for the wedding then changed it to an updo. I also brought an inspiration picture to my trial and it didnt really turnout the way i wanted to but it didnt look bad. When it came to my hair on my wedding day she decided at the last minute to try to do something else and I really didnt care for it. My hair was one thing i would have changed for sure!

  3. You have really pretty hair! I think it wound up looking great! Mine wasn't the style I 100% wanted because my venue is known for 100mph winds so I had to go for an up-do! I liked the up-do I had though!

  4. I have a post coming in future weeks about how disappointed I was with my wedding day hair, too. We did two trials and I loved them both but they weren't totally what I wanted to a tee. On the wedding day, we fell fall short of the 2nd trial which was my favorite :( Though I am not complaining because it didn't look horrible, it definitely didn't look like what the inspiration or trials we did were like.

    So's either better or not as good on the day of the wedding. Sounds like you and I got the not as good luck that day. Oh well, you still looked gorgeous! :)

  5. I think your hair looked gorgeous, but you being happy is what is most important. This post makes me nervous because I was thinking of booking without a trial. I guess you have made me reconsider there! Good review though... I am all about reading them and if I was getting married where you live, I'd definitely take this into consideration! Hope you're having a great week!

  6. SG to SP: While it's true that a style may be difficult to duplicate from a picture, isn't that what a trial is for? So the stylist can get a feel for the client's hair and her preferences? Laura has very thick, beautiful hair and I agree, she looked gorgeous. But it wasn't exactly what SHE wanted, and she paid a hefty sum for a professional to produce what she asked for.

  7. Honestly I thought your hair was beautiful and it has now inspired me to start growing out my hair for my big day! Every time my hair starts to annoy me I think about how gorgeous your long hair was and I fight through it haha


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