Wednesday, June 2, 2010

DIY: Guestbook

I posted a long time ago about our plans for a guestbook, but I finally got around to finishing the project this weekend. I know the signiture mat's not a very original idea, but I found that DIYing it instead of buying one pre-made saved us some money, especially since we needed it to be pretty large.

We bought a 22x28" frame from Michaels. We bought it when it was 50% off (usually every other week) so it was somewhere around $15 or so.

Then we had a mat cut to that size with an 8x10" opening in the middle. I probably could've cut the mat myself, but at this point it's a project I don't need to take on. And it would've bothered me forever if the opening wasn't perfectly centered or the lines weren't straight. The mat, cut to size, was $12. Well worth it.

I had an 8x10" print of one of our engagement pictures printed at Sams which costs around $1.50 and I'll be picking up some fine tip sharpies, hopefully from Dollar Tree. I put the mat and picture in the frame without the glass and I'll put the glass back in as soon as it's back home after the wedding.

All in all the project cost somewhere around $30 and I absolutely love it. It's going to look so good in our house after it's signed by so many of the people that we love!

What did you use for your guestbook?

*Just a sidenote - My bff and MOH who is in the Air Force gets in town TODAY and will be here until after the wedding! I'm sure we'll be getting lots done, but I'm not sure how often I'll be able to post. I'll try to keep updating with the DIY stuff we get finished! This weekend is my bachelorette party (which I am SO looking forward to) so hopefully I'll at least get a recap of that posted early next week.


  1. I wouldn't use a sharpie. They yellow overtime. Go to Michaels and find an archival quality pen. That will preserve your memories forever.

  2. I had planned on doing a similar thing for guest book....only instead of one big one having multiple smaller ones.

  3. looks good!!! we did a blurb book :D

  4. I was thinking of doing this for a guest book alternative. I haven't made up my mind yet what we'll do. Would it be overkill to have 3 different "guest books" cause I kinda like them all ;)

    And @ Ashley, thanks for the tip about Sharpies, I had no idea!

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