Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Vendor Review - Cake: Cakes by Carrie

David and I aren't big cake people. There was no way we wanted to spend several hundred dollars on a wedding cake when we weren't sure if we'd even eat it. (It turns out that neither of us had a full piece at the wedding, although we have plenty left.) Last summer I started looking around for smaller bakeries or people who worked out of their home. I came across Cakes by Carrie through one of the smaller bridal shows I attended and loved her cake and her prices. David and I set up a tasting with her for a couple weeks later.

Carrie makes cakes out of her house and we loved her from the minute we met her. She was super accommodating, really friendly, and someone who truly loves what she does. We (I) had pretty much decided that we wanted an all white cake, so she gave us some pictures to look through and we picked what we wanted within half an hour or so. 

She did a fabulous job carrying out my vision, and I was so happy with how everything turned out! The cake and the hot pink cream cheese mints were both delicious, and we got compliments from everyone who tried them! The cake looked perfect with our topper!

Carrie was incredibly easy to work with and exceeded all of my expectations! I'd definitely recommend her!

My rating: A

You can find other examples of Carrie's work on her website - She's very talented!


  1. Oh, it looks amazing. I wish we would have gone the simpler route..or even better, wish that Mr Fix It would have let me have my cupcake tower! Even this morning (2 1/2 months after the wedding), he brought up the cake and how even though it tasted amazing it looked like a child made it. But oh well...what are you gonna do?

    At least your cake looked amazing :) We went with a family friend who also makes cakes out of her home but it looked nothing like yours did.

  2. Our cake lady works out of her home as well which is nice b/c it helps keep the costs down compared to using big bakeries and I also think that made her want to do an even better job which she did. I loved our cake! Yours was really nice, cute idea for a cake topper too!

  3. Wow, I LOVE the one with the Peonies on it. Soooo pretty.

  4. mmm looks good! I especially like the purple cake!

  5. Your cake looks amazing... and makes me want cake!!!!

  6. I am a HUGE sweets person and I thought your cake was delicious! We are also using a vendor that does her business out of her home. I actually went to high school with her but she is very talented and also very reasonable!


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