Tuesday, August 24, 2010

OMGMom Giveaway Winner!

Welcome to all of my visitors from OMG I'm a Mom! I'm pleased to be able to announce the winner of the giveaway on her blog for a $25 gift certificate to my etsy shop! The winner is...

Thanks so much to everyone who entered! For those of you who didn't win, there's still good news: You can all receive 10% off any purchase from my shop! Just mention the OMGMom giveaway in your message.

I'm in the middle of recapping my own wedding right now, so if you like what you see feel free to become a follower! I'm actually doing a giveaway right now for reaching 200 followers, so maybe I'll have to set up another one if I reach 250! :)

Thanks again for entering, and thanks for the opportunity, Mandy!


  1. You're super cute!! Can't wait to take a look at more stuff from your etsy shop. I found you from OMGmom. I also have a pet named Paisley-such a cute name!! Hope you've had a great day!

  2. oh my gosh! i just spazzed a little... i was totally not expecting to see my name. i'm so excited! what do i do now?

    ps: love your blog - SO cute! :)

  3. Hi Janie! You can either email me at ThoughtfullyDesigned@gmail.com or convo me on etsy (http://ThoughtfullyDesigned.etsy.com) to start the process! Congrats on winning! :)


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