Friday, August 13, 2010

You Make My Dreams Come True: Our First Look

Brandi got some great pictures of the guys while she was waiting on us to get there, but I'm going to save those for next week. I love our first look pictures too much to wait to post them any longer. If you've followed my blog for awhile you know I was originally against the first look. Actually, when we met with Brandi for the first time I told her there was no way we'd be doing a first look. Having done it, I cannot recommend it enough! I would've been SUCH a ball of stress had I not seen David at all before the ceremony, and I remember the moment like it was yesterday. I loved that it was intimate and that we could stand there soaking in the fact that we were getting married in a couple short hours. I loved the walking down the aisle moment too (and he actually cried then, not when he saw me at the first look), but this was so special. I wouldn't trade the memories or the pictures for the world!

When we arrived at the location we'd chosen for pictures, MOH A jumped out of the car and ran over to tell Brandi that I was there so she could set David up the way she wanted him. Then MOH A had to run back to the car and tell me it was ok to start walking over that way. The poor girl was running around in a black dress and heels in 100 degree heat. I knew she was my best friend for a reason. ;) 

I'd told Brandi ahead of time that I wanted pictures of David's face when he saw me. I hate first look pictures where you can't really see either of their faces because the photographer tried to get both of them or pictures where it's all the bride's face. I've seen David dressed up multiple times (he wears a suit and tie to work every day) so I knew there wouldn't be a look of surprise on my face. I'm so happy with these pictures and love every single one of them!

You can see MOH A on the left side of the picture running to get me!

The moment was finally here! I'm coming around the corner...

MOH A and BM S fixed my dress and veil...

And I was on my way!

I stopped to fix my hair...

And take a deep breath..

Then I turned my groom around!

I gave him a great big hug and kiss!

And then we spent the next few minutes talking, laughing, (me) crying, and checking each other out. It was perfect!

Just being with David made me forget that we were running late. It was SO good to let go of that stress, and you can totally tell my mood changed in the pictures with our bridal party. I had so much fun during our bridal party pictures - Even though we were all sweating! Again, I can't encourage you enough to do a first look. Hopefully the pictures show that it's JUST as special as when you see him standing at the end of the aisle. 

Next up? Our beautiful bridal party and then lots and lots of pictures of David and me. Ha! Get excited!

Tip #6: As if I haven't said it enough - Do a first look! :) 

*All pictures in this post were taken by Brandi Coldwell of Lola Jo Photo Design*

Need to catch up?

We started on Thursday.
We decorated Friday morning.

Have a great weekend! :)


  1. AH! Love your first look! And yes yes YES


  2. Look at that smile on his face!! I find myself tearing up as I read your recaps more & more. I'm really enjoying them. I dunno if any of us say it enough.

    I wanted to do a 1st look but he's totally against it. He said he always imagined that moment when his future wife was coming down the aisle - I guess I can't argue with him. ;)

  3. These are really sweet pictures. I agree, it's much better when you can see the groom's face, those are the "money" shots!

    We didn't do a first and for me I wouldn't change it. I'd always envisioned us seeing each other for the first time as I walked down the aisle and it was the best moment of the day. Actually my only real stress before the ceremony was the weather (which nobody could control) and I'm glad he didn't see me as a stressed out basket case pre-ceremony. By the time I actually got to the aisle I was relaxed and happy.

  4. I loved our first look! I honestly think it was the most special part of the day, because it was just us (and a photographer, doing the ninja thing of course) and we could just let our emotions go. And you're right, as soon as I saw him, my stress melted away. :) Love your pics!

  5. YAY for the First Look!!! Fantastic pics. I totally agree about doing a first look. It was one of the best parts of our day. And like you, our aisle moment was just as special (if not more.) You and David are so cute!!

  6. Oh love the photos! I'm so excited to do our first look. I had never heard of such a thing until I started reading about wedding stuff a year ago. The idea of a first look makes me so more at ease knowing I'll get to spend a bit of private time with him, the photog will be off in the bushes (haha) somewhere and it'll just be us. While I would like to say I won't tear up walking down the aisle or during the ceremony, or at least as much, knowing me it won't matter! HA! David is super excited to do this also and I'm so glad he's on board.

    P.S. You both look so awesome! And a man who can rock a pink tie is awesome in my book.

  7. So I never even heard about this first look until reading all about weddings on blogs. But after dealing with being an hour behind schedule to get to the reception after the ceremony at my sisters wedding because of pictures I decided that I would do a "first look"

    Also I am a huge crier so I would love to get all the pictures done before the ceremony so I still look "pretty" Its just more time efficent. Those are all technicalities though.

    I now want a first look even more now that I saw these photos. It is so special! To be abole to spend just a little bit of time before the ceremony with your husband to be. How perfect... :) The pictures were perfect. Brandi did a great job of capturing his emotion. And its great that it was such an intimate moment...

  8. Soooo lovely! Such a successful first look. I'm glad you guys planned that out so well! Our first look = one photo. I'm not joking. I'll go my pissed.

  9. Sooo cute! What a special moment!

    We are definitely doing a first look. Robbie was/is very against it, but he is very emotional and a very nervous person so I just know if we don't, he will probably pass out at the altar when I start walking toward him haha!

    I am really excited to see how our pictures turn out when we do it. We have 2 photographers, so one will get Robbie's reaction and one will get mine (yay!)

  10. I agree, first look is a GREAT idea. You both look awesome in these pics. I love seeing his reaction!!!!

    Our first look calmed me down and really centered me. I think the first look being at the church is another sort of awesome, but for someone kind of nervous/anxious like me, a first look was perfect!!!!

  11. CUTE BLOG!! I'm your newest follower, linking up from NFF. Come by Sassy Sites and say hi! :) Have a great weekend!

  12. Aw, what beautiful photos! You two are adorable together! So happy & sweet!

    What a wonderful blog! I'm glad I found you! Stopping by from Mingle Monday @ [Life of Meg]! Your blog is so cute & oh so lovely in pink!

    Army Wife. European Life. Two Adopted Danes.
    * *

  13. These are so great. And so smart to get photos of the groom during the look. Ours are kind of half and half but mostly of me :) Thankfully I have the video which shows more of his face...which was totally not a smile at all but rather a look of fear! :) He kept saying he was afraid to touch me because of how done up I was. So silly.

    You are so smart to encourage others to do a first look...I am all about them for sure! I don't care what brides never hear anyone ever regretting having done a first look :)


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