Monday, August 16, 2010

You Make My Dreams Come True: The Guys

I absolutely love the pictures of David and his groomsmen. I'm so glad they had fun and that you can see their personalities through the pictures - And they all look SO darn cute too! Luckily you can't even tell they were all dripping with sweat by the time they were done with pictures.

Brandi got some pictures of David by himself, and he looks so incredibly handsome! He hates pictures, especially ones just of him, but I think he even agrees that these turned out awesome!

Right before the first look Brandi grabbed a couple more pictures, and these are some of my favorites! I'm not sure what was going on or what the groomsmen were doing, but the first one is SUCH a typical David face and the other ones just make me smile.

It was a big deal to me that we both got individual pictures with all of our bridal party members. We'll (hopefully soon) get around to framing them and gifting them to our grooomsmen and bridesmaids.

David's best man and older brother, J

David's best man and younger brother, K

My younger brother, groomsman M

David's friend since kindergarten, groomsman J

David's childhood friend, groomsman J

My nephew, jr. groomsman M

Did your get some good pictures of your groom and his groomsmen?

*All pictures in this post were taken by Brandi Coldwell of Lola Jo Photo Design*

Need to catch up?

We started on Thursday.
We decorated Friday morning.


  1. I do love a man in a hot pink tie :) The pics of our boys are nice and like you, we wanted a pic w/ each member of our wedding party. There are some great ones of Josh and his boys!

  2. These are incredible fun and such. We didn't get very many like this of the groom and his men. So irritating. I am jealous of these. Very relaxed looking, too. :)

  3. The guys looked great! I love the individual shots too..we'll be getting those! :)

  4. I love the first picture! I actually like the pictures of the groom and groomsmen from our wedding better than the ones of me and the girls. Ours weren't as creatively posed as the guys.

  5. Aw these are great! I am going to have to show some of these to the photog as inspirational photos. These are really so great!

  6. These pictures are so great. My guy wants pictures with his groomsman that he calls "Soprano's pics" -- you know, cuz he wants it to look like an ad for the Sopranos, only with Tux's. LOL

  7. Such great pictures! Yall are such a cute couple!

  8. What great photos!

    I'm here from Meg's Mingle Monday.
    Natasha from:

  9. Beautiful wedding pictures! I'm stopping by from Life of Meg Mingle MOnday's :-) I look forward to following and reading more from your blog!

    Carrie A Groff

  10. Awww! I love it! David made some hilarious faces, I love pics like that. And he looks SO MUCH like his brothers!!!


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