Monday, August 2, 2010

Relaxation at The Royal: Our Cancun Honeymoon Part 4

I can't say enough about how great The Royal was. We honestly had very few complaints (which I'll cover at the end) with the resort, the service, or the food. As you've seen the last few posts, our room and the resort in general are absolutely gorgeous. We only used the spa services once, but it was just as nice. 

We were a little disappointed that there were no services included with the honeymoon package or the all inclusive option. We had a couples massage the first full day we were there, which was expensive but totally worth it. I would highly recommend scheduling a massage for the first or second day of your honeymoon for a couple reasons. First, it totally helps get you relaxed and in vacation mode. Secondly, neither of you will be sunburned yet and it would be a lot more comfortable. I mentioned before David got really burnt (like blisters) the second day we were there, and the thought of a massage after that was not at all appealing. We likely would've used the spa a lot more had it not been so pricey.

Prior to our arrival I was a bit worried about the food. I wasn't at all worried about the quality. I was more worried about the fact that I'm not at all adventurous when it comes to trying new foods, I dislike all seafood, and I don't particularly like steak. That pretty much leaves chicken. I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised with how much I liked all of the restaurants and how many new things I tried. 

One of our favorite restaurants was Pelicanos. They offered Carribean cuisine for breakfast (which we never tried), lunch, and dinner. It sits over the pool looking out onto the gorgeous ocean. 

Another one of our favorites was Asiana, which was a habachi grill with lots of Asian food options. The food was SO good, our cook was entertaining and funny, and it has an absolutely gorgeous view. 

They have a tapas bar called Tapas & Pintxos that has a variety of dishes from Northern Spain. You can choose as many of them as you want since they're small portions. David and I both left pretty hungry, but I think that's mainly because we're pretty plain midwestern people and were a little out of our comfort zone. Most of the dishes had some sort of seafood, but the ones I did have were all very good. And the view is breathtaking!

Probably the most fun meal of the week was our gormet dinner at Chef's Plate. This is one of the two restaurants that requires reservations and the menu changes daily and centers around a theme. We're totally not 'gormet' people, but everything was SO good. I tried everything and I'm so glad I did. It was an awesome experience!

We were seated at a long banquet table with 3 other couples - one was on their honeymoon, one was celebrating their 25th anniversary, and one was celebrating their 27th anniversary. Not only was the food and service wonderful, the conversation with these other couples was so much fun. The older couples gave us advice and talked about their weddings and honeymoons and we got to get to know another newlywed couple (who also happened to be from the midwest).

We didn't visit Maria Marie until the last night we were there or else we probably would've gone back. It was a mix of Mexican and French cuisine and was sooo good. I actually had steak and I liked it! 

Spice was another one of our favorites and the only restaurant we visited more than twice. It was a huge buffet that also had cooking stations (with delicious cheeseburgers!). And it didn't hurt that almost all of the tables have a great view of the ocean!

We also tried their room service a couple times (fast and good both times!) and we visited the 24 hour lounge quite frequently (probably too frequently). They always had chips and queso and fresh quacamole in there along with some American foods, like chicken nuggets! Ha, we're at a resort with all of these gormet restaurants and we still want chicken nuggets. It was great, though! It also had basically an open bar if you wanted to mix your own drinks, but we never really used it or the wet bar in our room (although we did take the bottles of tequila, whiskey, and champagne that were in our room home with us!) - There was a huge bar in the lobby so we usually stuck with that.. We're no bartenders.

Honestly there were maybe three small complaints we had the entire time we were there. I already mentioned the first one with the price of the spa services. Another would be the housekeeping - They did a great job, but you never knew when they would show up. They ask you when you check in when you'd like them to come clean and when you'd like them to provide the turndown services (unmaking the bed, lighting candles, dimming the lights, etc) but it didn't really seem to mean anything. They'd just show up whenever and if we were in the room it usually meant our room wouldn't be cleaned that day. Thirdly, we received SO many courtesey calls while we were there. I like that they want us to be happy and comfortable, but a couple of them were at 8:30 AM (we are NOT morning people) and there were just too many of them. If we had a problem we would've let them know, so I felt like it was a bit overkill.

Champagne and chocolate covered strawberries our first night

Our complaints were nothing big, and they definitely didn't in any way negatively effect our time there. Both of us would most definitely recommend The Royal Cancun! We're honestly thinking about going back even though we'd really like to see other places - Our experience was that good. If you're considering the resort and have any questions, contact me! I'd love to talk more about it and answer any questions you have! (That means you, Miss Puppy Love!) I'll leave you with more of my favorite pictures from the trip. Enjoy!

My family had kept an eye on our house while we were gone, so they had a key to get in. We arrived home from the airport to find this:

It was a fun little surprise and made our homecoming a little less sad. We got to share a little bit about our trip with my parents and then we pretty much headed straight to bed. David had to work the next morning which was no fun, but he had run out of vacation days. 

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our honeymoon! Like I said, if anyone is considering The Royal, I'd love to talk to you more about it! Have I convinced anyone to book their trip yet? :) 

**If you're using any of my pictures please give credit where credit is due - Thanks!**


  1. Looking at your pictures makes me wish I was on my honeymoon again. We went to the Bahammas to an all inclusive resort and it was just heaven. My only complaint is that we were only there for five days and I wish we stayed there longer. It looks like you had a fantastic time!

  2. SO FUN! I wanna go on my honeymoon again, too, Jessica Lynn! Sounds like an amazing trip. Oh, and I love that pic of your rings in the book that made hearts. So cute!!

  3. Great post! These make me want to go away. Looks like you had an amazing time - but I agree 8:30am wake up calls would sooo not fly with us either.

    P.S. - nice ring shots. ;)

  4. I love that your family decorated your front door when you got back. Very sweet! Our place was a mess when we got home from leftover wedding stuff and gifts.

  5. Oh how adorable...I love that your parents dressed up your door for you to come home to! That is so fun!

    Your honeymoon looked absolutely lovely :) Makes me wish I was on Sigh...maybe some day soon.

  6. So fun! I love that your family decorated your house :) What a great way to come home! I can't wait to see more pictures of your house!

  7. I think it looks like absolute paradise! We are big beach people so seeing the blue water, the amazing pool, lounging areas.. ahhh looked SO nice! :) Glad you two had a wonderful time! Loved seeing all of your pictures and hearing about everything. Great recaps :)

  8. p.s. I also loved that your family decorated your place! SO nice of them! What a great surprise!

  9. Hi there! I found your blog through Mingle Monday. Loved looking at all of your honeymoon pics. Looks like you had a great time and the food looks delish!

  10. Ummm so craving the honeymoon now!! We are going to Mexico too and I can't wait. What a great surprise to come home to as well!


    I like the new setup!

  11. Looks like ya'll had a blast! That food looks so good! How fun that your family had your house decked out for your homecoming!

  12. Ah, you've convinced me. I'll go, I'll go!

  13. I'm sooo picky about food so I had the same worries!!!! It is crazy to think how many options they truly have though. I ate VERY well in fact! :)

  14. I wanna go on a 2nd Honeymoon! All the food looks amazing!

    Following from [Life of Meg] Mingle Monday.

  15. Um...there's too much for me to process :) The food - so amazing! I love vacations simply for the food aspect alone. It all looked yummylicious.

    The ring shot in the book...very few people know about the heart shadow you get. I wanted this on our wedding day in a Bible but our photog didn't do it. I am planning to get that shot soon :)

    Coming home to find the wonderful welcome surprise...lucky girl! Our walk into our home was a bitter sweet one since it was our first night as hubby and wife in our own place, but also because the house was totally empty since our dog passed away two days before we returned home. We were both crying as we walked in since he wasn't there jumping up with his wagging tail excited to see us. So hard. Ugh.

  16. looks like you had a great time! Also how sweet are your family members to decorate your house like that! We saved all our presents to open when we got home so we would have something to look forward to, but we didn’t get any decorations!

  17. Everything looks amazing!!! I love your ring shots.

  18. Your trip sounds great, and the pictures of the dishes look delicious, much more exotic than just plane chicken. I agree with you totally on the massage part, get it done before the sun burn, thanks for sharing, looking forward to our trip in few months:)


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