Thursday, August 19, 2010

You Make My Dreams Come True: Bridal Party

I have to say I absolutely LOVE the pictures of our bridal party. We didn't take any of your standard standing at the front of the church in staggered lines pictures. Instead we took pictures that have personality, regardless of if they're 'dated' in a few years. I already have some of them prirnted and framed in our house!

These next few crack me up - Normally the 'dip' picture is dramatic and romantic, but David was sweating and it was dripping off his face onto me, so in the second one I'm trying to avoid it, ha!

Jumping pictures crack me up. I don't care if they're overdone or just a trend. I smile everytime I look at these! Please click to enlarge these - They're that good. (David's showing off his bling in the first one! Yes, he wore it for pictures.)

The linked arm walking pictures are another of my favorites, but ours didn't quite work out...

Why? Oh, because my veil was attacking people:

Then we switched it up a little for the next few pictures:

And I just love these last few candid chaos pictures right before we left for the church - It's fun to see what someone walking by would've seen!

Next up are lots of pictures of David and me (I know, sorry! Almost done!) and then we were finally headed to the church!

Did you get fun pictures of your bridal party or did you stick with the traditional poses?

*All pictures in this post were taken by Brandi Coldwell of Lola Jo Photo Design*
Need to catch up? 

We started on Thursday.
We decorated Friday morning.
The guys had their turn. 
The girls stole the show.

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  1. We were all about fun too! Love it.

  2. The jumping pictures are hilarious!

  3. These are so fun! Ours are pretty informal, too. I *wish* so badly that I had asked for me+GMs and Josh+BMs pics. So mad at myself that I didn't think of it.

  4. I always find that my eye goes to the candids. I just think they're so cool. :)

  5. Awww I love these pictures. The jumping ones are my favorite too

    My sisters wedding (hey thats all I can day I will have a wedding of myown) bridal party pictures were awesome. Hers had a lot of character as well. The boys picked up the groom along with the bride. There were a couple of us looking like we were going to jump into the fiuntain.


  6. BAHAHA I lol'd at your veil attacking people! That was probably frustrating but I think the pictures are priceless!

  7. Oh congrats! Beautiful picture and Bride :)
    You all looked good :)
    Hope you are enjoying the blog hop! Come follow me back and say hi!

  8. The pics of your veil attacking people are awesome! :) Beautiful pictures!

  9. GREAT PHOTOS! I loveeee the color combo. Beautiful! Thanks for linking up this week at Fabulous Friday. Enjoy your weekend :)

  10. Hi, this is Heather stopping by from A Bloggy Mom BlogHop!

    I'll be back again real soon, but in the meantime please come visit my blog too! I'm having a really cute giveaway right now :-)


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  12. I love love love these pics! I love that he was dripping sweat on you and that your veil attacked people. So fun! I love the jumping shots, too. Wish we would have gotten some...asked the photog but those were one of the ones he didn't get. Though we did get some decent linked arms walking ones. Your WP did a good job on the jumps :)


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