Wednesday, August 4, 2010

You Make My Dreams Come True: Thursday

I should have CDs from both of our photographers by the end of the week, so I figured it was safe to start the recaps of the events leading up to the wedding! I've already recapped my last minute DIY projects which pretty much consumed Monday through Wednesday of the week before the wedding, so we'll start with Thursday. It was crazy. I had all kinds of last minute errands to run. I woke up early for my appointment to get my eyebrows waxed and as soon as I got home got everything ready to take to the church. I had somewhat organized all of my projects/details into tubs (well, at least divided them according to where they needed to go) and I had all of the rehearsal dinner stuff together so we were able to drop everything off that we needed for the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner/ceremony on Thursday. 

My mom, David, and I met Kay our 'coordinator' at the church early in the afternoon. I'm not sure if I ever really blogged about Kay, but she was David's teacher 3 different years in elementary and middle school and was there for him multiple different times when his family was going through some rough stuff. She absolutely loves him and they would both consider the other family. She coordinates weddings for a few different churches around town and was thrilled when David asked if she'd be interested in coordinating ours. We met with her a couple times leading up to the wedding and basically went through what I'd decided on and she reminded me of all of the little details I wouldn't have remembered otherwise. She hadn't actually seen the sanctuary and facilities of the church we were getting married in, so we did a walk through with her on Thursday. It made our rehearsal run much smoother and we were able to set up the stage how I wanted it, which was nice. We also set up the room for the rehearsal dinner which cut down on our time decorating at the church on Friday morning. 

Unfortunately, we spent way too much time talking and were there way too long. I had hoped to start on the flowers before our nail appointment at 4:30, but by the time we left the church we barely had time to grab lunch/dinner on our way to the nail salon. I was getting a little frustrated (read: snippy) towards the end of our walk through and Kay made a comment about me being stressed. Honestly, I really wasn't. I was exhausted from staying up until 3 am every night the week before the wedding and I was a little nervous about how the flowers were going to turn out, but I was more just ready to quit talking about all of the little details and silly things no one was even going to notice. I was just ready to be married!

My mom and I grabbed Jimmy Johns and headed to get our nails done. I was a little annoyed when we got there and they weren't ready for us (even though I'd made an appointment for 6 people and we were only going to have 4 getting anything done) but as soon as I was in the massage chair getting my pedicure done I was happy and relaxed. My mom, MIL, MOH A, JrBM K, and BM M (for a bit) were all there which I loved!

I know it's cheaper to do your own nails, but if it's at all possible I would highly encourage you to pamper yourself and have them done. It was exactly what I needed - relaxing, fun, and quality time with some of my favorite ladies. 

After we were all finished my mom, MIL, JrBM K and I headed to my parents' house where my SIL L met us to help with the flowers. I've already pretty much recapped that part of the night, so I won't go into detail again, but we spent the next 5 hours or so working on that. After we were finally finished MOH A helped me transport all of the bouquets to our house so they'd be in the fridge for the boys to bring to pictures on Saturday. And then she and her boyfriend stayed until 4 AM helping David and I with last minute stuff. Have I mentioned how INSANELY blessed I am? She is the best best friend a girl could ask for. They worked on the awesome letters that were on the church door while David and I made our aisle runner

And after all that they loaded up their car with the tubs of decorations for the reception and headed to her parents' to get a few hours of sleep before we met at the church to decorate at 9 AM on Friday. Yea, we owe them big time. Friday was packed full of things to do and none of us were running on much sleep.

Did you have a crazy week leading up to your wedding? Did you do anything to pamper yourself?

Tip #1: Like I said before, take the time and money to pamper yourself the week of your wedding! It's stressful and busy and everyone feels better with pretty nails. :) 


  1. I was super prepared for the week leading up to the wedding so I took the time to get a manicure, a facial, a massage... I also saved up some gift certs from my birthday so I didn't break the bank. I definitely agree that your peace of mind might just be worth an hour in that massage chair!!

  2. I was busy running around at the last minute the week of the wedding though most of the big stuff was finished. I did get my nails done the morning before the wedding. I actually went by myself which in some ways was nice to get some alone time before the craziness really began.

  3. I hope the week of isn't too crazy. Since I'm having a florist make my bouquet and his bout and our centerpieces are silks and the only other decor is basically candles every freakin' corner of the place I hope things will be fine. The weekend before is "girls day" with my mom and sister since I'm not doing a bridal shower and I'm getting a pedicure at that time. I do plan, hopefully, to get a mini spa day the day before the wedding, we'll see, we'll see. I do plan at least for a manicure and full hand/forearm massage, which will almost put me to sleep!

    Oh, and your friends are AWESOME!!! I wish I had people like that. Everyone seems to act like it's all an inconvenience. I'll write about that soon.

  4. I'm sure the mani/pedi was so worth it! It must have been a nice break from all of the stress!

  5. Post twin!! Haha I'm soooo with you on the pampering thing. It's funny how you said it's cheaper to do your nails yourself. While that is true, I have to admit that I am TERRIBLE at polishing my nails. It's embarrassing and they end up looking like a 3rd grader did it. I do my toes ok, but my hands...oh lord, I leave that kind of stuff to the pros :)

  6. Yep! Lots of running around, errands, projects, sounds just like our week before the wedding! I'm glad you enjoyed your time relaxing at the salon, I tried to go relax and get a facial, but it wasn't relaxing at all for some reason!

  7. those letters are so pretty! And you definitely deserved to pamper yourselves!


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