Tuesday, August 31, 2010

You Make My Dreams Come True: Hanging Out

After our formal pictures were finished we headed off to the bridal and groom ‘suites.’ The church basically had two big rooms set up with mirrors and chairs for us to relax in before the ceremony started. It was nice being away from the craziness of the guests arriving and it gave my girls a chance to eat – I was way too anxious to eat anything and forgot to arrange for lunch to be delivered for them. (I know, terrible!) My mom forced me to eat a couple crackers, but like I said before, my stomach freaks out when I’m anxious.
I pretty much paced around the room and we took some pictures while we waited for the ceremony to start. Having the flower girls in there distracted me, which was nice! :) 

Laura and David 138

Laura and David 139
Love those pictures of MOH A with my niece! 

Laura and David 142


 Photo by Lola Jo

Photo by Lola Jo 

We took more individual pictures and got one of all of the bridesmaids and flower girls (a shot our photographer didn’t get) so I’m definitely thankful for these! I have no idea what the guys were doing during this time, but Brandi was getting pictures of our ceremony details (that I’ll share soon). I figured she was getting a couple ring shots since David’s brother/best man had both of our rings, but nope – We didn’t end up with any.
Simone and I
With BM S

Alex and I
With MOH A

Laura and David 146
It’s ‘tradition’ for us to take serious face pictures – We have one from almost every single high school dance and plenty of random ones too. I guess Brandi didn’t catch that because she didn’t give me the one she took. :(


With my two sisters

 Photo by Lola Jo - Love that she caught this!

Shortly before we had to get ready to line up for the processional I was given another card from my very soon-to-be husband. (I know, a sweet email and two cards in one day?!)  I think it may have been even sweeter than the last one and I cried again and then passed it to my girls and let them cry over it too.

And for my memory’s sake, his message inside:
We are now 30 minutes away from the single greatest event of our lives thus far. And to think – you planned all of it, made all of it and I am so proud of you. I know I wasn’t always the most helpful, or the most exciting with helping out, but it was all worth it! Babe, the card says a lot about how life throws us amazing things that we don’t quite realize are amazing all along. I knew I had something special right from the beginning, though! You challenge me to be a better person and have made me the man I am today. The man that is going to love you in word and in action. The man that is going to take care of and provide for you. And I cannot wait! You will be the most beautiful bride I could’ve ever imagined! I love you, always and forever. I’ll see you soon!

It was really happening! I was seriously about to marry my best friend, my sole mate, and my better half! I went to the bathroom (by myself, thank you!), touched up my makeup, and got ready to line up for our processional! 

Tip #9: Even though you’ll be anxious/stressed/preoccupied, don’t forgot to have food arranged for your bridal party!  They’ll want to eat even if you don’t. :) 

Need to catch up?
We started on Thursday.
We decorated Friday morning.
The guys had their turn.
The girls stole the show
We got some fun bridal party pictures
We took care of the formal portraits.
We took pictures with the kiddos.


  1. So pretty! Your flower girls were precious!

  2. Good tips :) Cute pictures! Loving the flower girls tu tus!

  3. I love that you used tutus for the little girls. I did too! I think they are precious.

  4. My bridesmaids made it a point to remind me about wedding day food. Thankfully, I had them look over the Panera menu and food was waiting for us when we got back from the salon!

  5. Seriously, I don't think your flower girls could have been any cuter. I want to cuddle them!

    By the way, I just passed along the Blog of Substance Award to you! Love your blog!

  6. Wow, another very sweet card, so touching! I'm sorry you didn't get any ring shots, but at least that's something you could always take yourself. Can't wait to see your ceremony!

  7. Wow! Your hubby is way too sweet and makes guys look bad lol.

    That sucks that you never got any ring pictures. I have been learning from a bunch of brides that it is important to detail each specail picture you want so I guess that is an important tip for me to take note of.

    Regardless you have some fantastic pictures and it is great that you were able to get some more individual pictures before the ceremony. I cant wait for the ceremony recap!

  8. I have photographed and been to quite a few weddings and haven't seen one where the flower girls wear tutu's... how cute was that? you were a beautiful bride, congrats on your recent wedding!
    (i found you through whitney's blog ;))


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