Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shoes, shoes, shoes!

I'm not one of those brides who bought/ordered/returned several pairs of shoes before deciding on 'the ones.' I actually bought them randomly (although I knew what I wanted) at Payless last spring! Since I'm the same height as David and I don't really like being taller than him, especially in pictures, I've always worn shoes without heels for all of our formal dances. Ballet slippers are my absolute favorite - I used to dance and I wore them for our sophomore homecoming and they were SO comfortable! I really wanted to wear actual ballet slippers for the wedding, but wasn't thrilled with the colors I found them in and didn't want to risk attempting to dye them. So I found these instead:

I love the color of them (although I think it's a little off in the pictures), and if my bridesmaids decide to wear matching pink shoes it'll make for some CUTE pictures! And I definitely want a picture like this too, since David is totally on board with wearing fun socks:


And I can't leave out my precious flower girls! I know I haven't shown you guys what they'll be wearing yet, but these will totally complete the outfit - Trust me, it's adorable and worth the wait! Every little girl should get to wear pretty sparkly shoes!

source for both

I'm not sure whether I like the light pink or dark pink better, but I'm learning more towards the lighter color. I have awhile to decide though, because little girls are constantly growing and I want to be sure of what size their feet are before I buy them. Target's website has reviews for the shoes that date back to 2007, so I'm guessing they'll be keeping the shoes around for awhile meaning I'm in no hurry. And who can beat $12.99?! I don't even need to wait for a sale!

Look at this precious picture I found right after I found the shoes on Target's website - They look so cute with this little girl's white dress:


I'm so excited! We'll definitely have to have a picture of all of the bridal party's shoes/socks and I want one of the flower girls' ballet slippers with mine! I'm making them flip flops to change into for the reception (because their love for flip flops came from me!) so their little toesies are more comfortable - unless of course they don't want to take their sparkly shoes off! I'll be sure to blog about their flip flops after I make them. I'm definitely going to be changing into flip flops for the reception. Anyone who knows me won't be surprised because I pretty much live in flip flops. I'm sure they'll be pink, too!

Were perfect shoes really important to you or did you purchase your shoes on a whim? And are you jumping on board with the colored shoes/socks trend? If so, is your groom excited to wear fun socks or did you have to talk him into it?


  1. Very cute! I can't remember, but I think I bought my shoes on a whim. I had a particular style in mind and when I saw them, I bought them! :)

  2. Those shoes are really cute and look super comfy!! And the flower girls ones are adorable =]

  3. Sweetie,
    We'll have to look again for shoes. They don't have Rory's size!

  4. i bought the light pink ones for anabelle! she wore them for jason and laura's wedding. however, she lost one and so therefore never wears them. lol. when i bought them they were on sale for 6 bucks. cant beat that huh?

  5. Thank you for this link. I'll need to check out Payless. My fiance and I are also around the same height. I am actually about an inch taller so ballet flats will be great.


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