Monday, October 26, 2009

Crisis Averted

You might recall that I started on my flower pomanders using off-white mums. It wouldn't have been a big deal, except for the fact that I ran out of mums after I finished one large pomander and about 3/4 of a small pomander, and the Hobby Lobby here hasn't had any in stock for the last month. When I was home a week and a half ago, my mom and I went to the Hobby Lobby there and they had the mums in white! That was what I wanted originally, so I was happy to find them, but wasn't sure how I'd solve the problem of them not matching. My mom and I went ahead and picked up about 8 bunches of them since they were 50% off. Yesterday, I came up with a brilliant solution - I'd take apart the one large pomander I'd made and use the off-white mums to make 2 complete small pomanders. I won't be using the off-white pomanders as aisle decor, but instead like this:

I might hang a string of pink beads down from the pomander so the vase doesn't look so empty, but I haven't decided yet. I think we'll use the two vases as the decor on the bar, so there won't be much stark white decor around them. (I'll be posting about the vases soon, as they're also part of the other centerpiece we're doing.)

Now I just need to buy another large styrofoam ball, and probably 2 more of the smaller size since I'm not using these 2 as aisle decor. I finished one of the small white pomanders tonight, and I think I like the stark white much better to use along the aisle since there will be a white aisle runner, which I hadn't thought about before.

Everything worked out, and I knocked out another project by making the off-white pomanders into reception decor! Have you encountered a 'crisis' and had it work out better than your original plan?

**If anyone is interested in a pomander tutuorial, please let me know! I have pictures and would be more than willing to type one up, but I know there are lots of other similar tutorials out there. :)


  1. How smart of you! I actually love the white ones a little more than the off-white :) I love the idea of hanging a some beads down into the vase. Cool idea!

  2. Great idea to salvage the off white ones you already had! And the brighter white will definitely look better if you have a white aisle runner.

  3. Great Idea!!! I love when things like that work out.

  4. Turned out great...let me know if you have any use for another off white mum pomander (from hobby lobby). I put one together for our flower girl using a 5" ball and realized it's waaay too big. Since then I decided to go another route completely so I didn't redo it.

  5. Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I got my dress from a small bridal shop in Lexington, NC called Dawn's Bridal. It was the last one I tried one and I knew immediately it was the one.

  6. I want pomanders for our church pews and I was planning on doing them through a florist but the faux flowers look so nice (and I'm sure they are a fraction of the cost) that I don't think anyone can tell the difference. These look awesome, great project!


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