Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More of the Groom's Guys

I probably should've included our ushers in the post about David's groomsmen - Oops! I love our ushers and I know they'll do a fabulous job on our big day. Two of them are SO excited (well, I think all of them are excited.. Two of them are just very excited) - They tell us all the time how they can't wait until June!

Two of our ushers are my older brothers. They're much older than me, but are still so important to me. They both love David and get along with him really well, which means a lot. I love that David fits right in with my family!

Here are all of my siblings together with our momma at brother A's wedding last November! Brother N is on the back right and Brother A is obviously in the white vest

Another one of our ushers is one of David's good friends that he refs with. I don't think I've talked much about it yet, but David refs a LOT of soccer. He's been doing it since he was 12 or so, and has worked his way up to reffing Division II! I know he really enjoys it, even though it takes up a lot of his free time. He goes to school, works 30 hours a week, and refs on average 2 games every week. I just wish there weren't so many weekend games - I hate not getting to see him for over a month. ANYWAY, all that to say, J and David ref together! And I've actually become good friends with J's wife K. They have two BEAUTIFUL daughters. I'll include a picture of them too just because they're so darn cute.

I guess guys don't take many pictures together, because that's the only one I can find of them besides this one where you can't see their faces:

And here's J's wife and kiddos:

Our last usher is actually David's younger brother's best friend, M. He's become like a little brother to David and actually, to me, too. He is such a sweetheart and an amazing football/track star! He used to ask me if he could be our ringbearer when David and I finally got married, but I think usher is a better fit. He's never even been to a wedding, so he was thrilled when David asked him to be on of our ushers!

I love this picture even though it's almost 4 years old! They look so little!

He looks more like this now:

How did you choose your ushers? Did your fiance chose them for the most part, or were you a big part of the decision?

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