Monday, November 16, 2009

Our Newest Addition - Part 2

I blogged about our new fur baby already, but I have to post a few more pictures! She is seriously the cutest thing ever. My mom has graciously offerred to keep her until after Christmas break (when she'll hopefully be potty trained - thanks Mom!) when I'll bring her up here with me until I move back home in May. I'm not at my house enough this semester to give her the attention and care she needs/deserves.

We had the hardest time deciding on a name. At first we thought we wanted something that reflected her size/color and thought about Maizy (my mom's favorite), Pumpkin, Peanut, Cinnamon, or Snickerdoodle. I also had some names I just thought were cute like Bella, Lily, Nala, and Paisley. And then there were about 10 others that one of us thought up and we considered for awhile. Attempting to find a name that not only David and I liked, but my mom and brother were ok with was rather difficult. We finally ended up deciding on Paisley and I love it! I think it fits her perfectly and she's actually starting to respond to it.

We went to a couple pet stores today and she attracted so much attention! I told her that she can't let Daddy take her out in public without me because they'll pick up too many girls! (Ha, did I really just admit to saying that?) It is so cute watching him with her, though. He's always been so good with kids, especially babies, so I knew he'd be good with a puppy too. (And he'll be such a good daddy someday!) He has the softest heart when it comes to kids or puppies - I love that about him. Just look at these pictures:



Ahh, they just melt my heart. And like he promised, we took our first family picture:

It was so much fun playing and snuggling with her all weekend - I miss her already! :( I can't wait until our little family is all living under the same roof in June!

Do pets and kids bring out the soft side of your significant other?


  1. Seriously how adorable! Makes me want a little puppy again!! I love it and her name is perfect! Congrats on the new addition!

    And yes, babies and pups definitely get Rick acting a bit softer and more caring! He has a connection with the dogs, despite him denying it and he's amazing with babies and kiddos. He will be a great dad and it looks like your guy will be too :)

  2. Ohhhh my gosh I love love love Paisley! That was one of my top 3 baby names but Mr Pug is very traditional. My #1 is Kitson and that'll never happen. She is just GORG!!!

    And seeing Mr Pug with our pugs or with kids melts my heart... we can't wait to have some of our own!

  3. She is beautiful, her name is beautiful, and the three of you together are beautiful! So jealous! I want a puppy!

  4. Oh, she's soo cute! I can't wait to get a puppy. I had a poodle growing up (same color) and we named him Butternut (after butternut squash, because of his color) :o)

  5. OMG - so, so, so CUTE!!

    YES, our poochie and kids do bring out the best in my hubby. He loves both animals and kids and they love him back. When he first met my niece then nephew, I wasn't sure what will happen but from day 1 they have been attached at the hip :)... Thank God!!

  6. Gawd, she is just adorable! I love your family picture together!

  7. Ok, so Justin will murder me if he reads this (but, um...I highly doubt that will happen)...
    First, our pups are the reason that the two of us met, so from the get-go I think that was a good sign. My Theo is a friendly dude, but he is very particular about who he snuggles up to. Typically he will only sit on my lap on the couch, or else he lays by himself. Surprisingly, after a few times at my house, Theo started sleeping on Justin's lap as we watched TV...and my heart melted.
    Annnnd not to mention the time that he was holding Theo in his arms by a mirror...and he holds Theo up to it and starts saying "who is that in the mirror? Who is that? Is that you?"...etc etc you get the deal. Um, it totally reminded me of something you'd do with a yeah...I'm a sap. And seriously, he's going to kill me now if he reads this...

  8. The minute we were married - I wanted a puppy!! We got her in August (we were married in June-she was born a week after we were married). She was WONDERFUL and great training for children. We named her Lucy and she lived for nine years - saddest day....when she died (I was pregnant with our second child). Anyway - enjoy Paisley - I am soooo excited for you!!
    Beth :)


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