Friday, October 9, 2009

Sign Here

When it came to the guestbook, I knew I wanted our guests to sign something that we'd see on a regular basis. I like those books of engagement pictures used as guestbooks, but I knew it would end up on a shelf somewhere and we'd never look at it after the first few times. I'd seen plenty of pictures like this one, and I really liked that the "guestbook" became decor in the couple's new house:


We ended up buying a huge frame from Hobby Lobby for 50% off a few weeks ago. I don't remember exactly how big it is, but I know it looks a lot like this (except that this frame happens to be from Michael's):


And the sign sitting next to it looks like this:

*Wondering why I already have that done? Yea, me too. I choose to work on the most random things sometimes...*

My mom was worried about finding a frame that could hold a mat big enough for about 300 people to sign, so the one we got is probably bigger than we need it to be, but I'd rather have it too big than too small. We haven't decided yet what picture we'll be putting in it, but I'm thinking we'll use one of our engagement pictures in black and white and then swap it out for a black and white wedding picture once we get them back. I know this is ridiculous, but the only thing I'm kind of worried about with this is someone writing super big, or upside down, OR scribbling something out and rewriting it. I'm a perfectionist, so stuff like that really bothers me. But, I've got to learn to get over it and be thankful that we will have guests at our wedding who love us rather than focusing on neat handwriting! It will be a wonderful keepsake (and a great piece of art for our new home, which will be seriously lacking in decor!) for years to come.

What are you using for your guestbook?


  1. I want to do a photo mat for our guest book as well, I really LOVE this idea!

  2. I JUST wrote about the same thing over my blog ( The guestbook! lol And I"m not getting married until Aug... so don't feel bad =)


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