Thursday, July 1, 2010

Vendor Review - DJ; Another Dimension Mobile DJ Service

I loved our DJ. We booked Another Dimension nearly a year ago at a bridal show we went to where they had their equipment set up and were 'working' like they would at a wedding. We loved how upbeat and fun they were without being overwhelming. I cannot stand DJs who try to make the night about them.

He did a great job with the uplighting, which was pretty much left up to him and he was awesome at getting our guests dancing and having fun without ever being pushy. He would come find either David or me before ever making an announcement that we'd be doing something (i.e. cutting the cake, bouquet toss, first dances, etc.) so he knew we were ready. And he even got out there and did the electric slide with us!

He was training another new DJ, but it was never noticeable and we were totally fine with it. He got tons of ladies out on the dance floor for the bouquet toss, but he wasn't obnoxious and didn't drag anyone out there like I've seen done. He was excited, it showed, and it made everyone else excited. We had a great time, and the dance floor was full most of the night! I would definitely recommend the company to any bride looking for  DJ in Wichita!

My rating: A


  1. OOHHH good DJ's are so important! Glad you got a good one!

  2. Your reception looks fabulous!! The decor, I love!!!

  3. Congrats! Your DJ can make the whole night...

  4. The decorations look great!

  5. I thought he was the right balance of being interactive but not too overbearing. And the up-lighting was beautiful!


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