Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You Make My Dreams Come True: Our Exit

I debated during our planning process about what type of ‘grand exit’ we’d have and when we’d do it. I would have loved sparklers when we left our reception, but we ended up staying until the very end of it (hey, I love to dance!) and the majority of the people who were left were in fact a bit intoxicated, which is what I was worried about. 

We decided to do bubbles when we left the ceremony, and I absolutely LOVE the pictures from our exit. Honestly, two of my favorite memories of the day were from our exit/our drive to the reception.

While we were signing the marriage license my bridesmaids were handing out bubbles to our guests as they walked out of the church. By the time we were finished, everyone was outside waiting for us, as was the incredible car we drove off in! 




One of my good friends (actually the same one whose dad is the pastor of the church we were married at and got us hooked up) drives a classic el Camino that she and her dad totally restored together. They go to all kinds of car shows and know tons of people around town with gorgeous classic cars. She asked about a month before our wedding if we knew what we were doing for our getaway car. We really hadn’t thought about it, so she said she’d take care of it. Uh yea, she definitely did! She gave us two options the week before the wedding, we picked one, and she had it at the church waiting for us with a just married sign on the back and a CD of songs she and her sister made for us. She took care of it afterward too and drove it back to its owner from our reception! I was SO happy with how it all worked out – She’s wonderful!



I love that you can see my nieces/our flower girls in the above pictures and my dad helping the younger one, A, blow her bubbles. They’re definitely who I’m smiling at in this picture:


I have the biggest, goofiest grin on my face in all of these pictures, but I couldn’t help it! I just can’t hide it when I’m excited!




One of my favorite memories of the day happened as we went to get in the car. My friend left the keys in the car’s ignition for us, so when David opened my door for me the car’s alarm started going off. It was absolutely hilarious, and all of our guests were laughing with us. I love David’s expression in this picture:


My aunt and cousin were on the other side of the car, so they got some great pictures of our guests – I’m so glad I have their photos!


{2 above photos taken by my aunt}


{3 above photos taken by my cousin – The kids on the right hand side of the first 2 pictures are ones I nannied for. I love how he’s looking up at me in the first picture!}






And I have to include BM S’s picture of our kiss – I love it!

Laura and David 158
{picture taken by BM S}

Another of my favorite memories from the day: When we left the ceremony we took a different route than our guests to avoid any highways (a convertible + long hair and a veil = not a good idea) and so we’d arrive a bit later than them. I was dying of thirst, so I told David to go through the drive-thru at McDonalds so I could get a Dr. Pepper. He pulls into the drive thru and we’re about to order and then he realizes.. Oh wait. Neither of us has any money. We literally had nothing on us – No ID, no drivers license, no money, no cell phones. It was weird, but kind of fun! So we laughed and decided to forget about it. When we told people afterward they said we should’ve gone through anyway and said, ‘We’re newlyweds and we’re broke. Literally!’ Haha, I still smile every time I think about that story.

So now that we’ve made it to the reception, I won’t have any recaps for you for a bit – I still don’t have the pictures of our reception from our second photographer, so I don’t have a whole lot to share yet. Hopefully I’ll be getting them soon and I’ll finish up my recaps – I can’t wait to share our reception with you! :)

*All pictures in this post were taken by Brandi Coldwell of Lola Jo Photo Design unless otherwise noted*  
Need to catch up?
We started on Thursday.
We decorated Friday morning.
The guys had their turn.
The girls stole the show
We got some fun bridal party pictures
We took care of the formal portraits.
We took pictures with the kiddos.
We spent time hanging out waiting for the ceremony to start.
The grandparents and parents were seated.
It was finally time for the processional.
A step back to the playing of the slideshow.
The ceremony started. (Part 1)
The ceremony continued. (Part 2)
The ceremony ended. (Part 3)
We had a little fun with our recessional
I shared our ceremony details

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  1. These are great shots! We didn't have a grand exit because everything was in the same place and like you, we stayed til the VERY end (wait til you hear that story.) Part of me wishes we had some kind of send-off, but oh well.

    Also, nice ride! What an awesome gift. That's so funny you had no money or anything with you. I carried a clutch with my ID and a credit card just in case. Never used it, but I was glad to have it should something have happened.

  2. Aww! We did sparklers for our exit after reception and I loved it! The McD's story is so cute :)

  3. Love the last picture!!!!!!!!! So cute!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. LOVE THIS. These are some of my favorite pictures you've showed us so far, Laura! LOVES!!

  5. Your exiting pictures made me smile! The joy on your faces is just beautiful! And the Dr. Pepper story was so funny too!

  6. How cute! We had a similar send off, this takes me back ;)

  7. The fourth photo of you guys walking out looks like a picture from ANTM. You would TOTALLY get called first by Tyra. I am in awe!! SO beautiful!


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