Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Only a Month Later...

I last blogged about our Save the Dates over a month ago. After taking our second set of engagement pictures, David asked if I would change the design and incorporate one of the new pictures as the main picture because he liked them more. I'll be honest, I usually love that David is involved in the planning and cares about being a part of decisions, but this time I wasn't exactly thrilled. I'd spent so much time messing with the first set of designs, I didn't really want to start over. But I decided I really wanted him to love them as much as I did, so I had him choose his favorite picture and I created a new design.

Little did I know how much work it would be to upload the design to be printed without it being cropped significantly. It took me forever to make it so the text wouldn't be cut off when the program cropped it. I eventually gave up on having them printed as postcards - I couldn't get the file to upload correctly as a postcard and I couldn't find any that were a great price, so I decided to just print them as 4x6 pictures and get envelopes for them. I used Shutterfly because I've liked my prints from them in the past and I could have one printed at Target to make sure it turns out ok before I print 250 of them. I'm going to go pick it up this afternoon - I'm excited to see it! This is the final design:

Instead of the pink border that I used in the previous designs, I'm going to use pink envelopes. I'll likely go with the ones I found at The Paper Mill Store:

I think I'm going to do envelope liners, but I haven't quite decided yet. At this point, we need to be getting them out, and to be honest, I'm ready to be done with them! But I do have a cute idea for the liners if I decide to do them. We'll see how I'm feeling when I get all of the envelopes - Maybe I'll ask for some help from David and my mom/BM M over Thanksgiving break. :)

I'll be sure to post again once we've finally gotten them all printed, assembled, and ready to mail. We really need to start finding addresses!

Did you create several designs before deciding on a STD? How did you gather addresses?


  1. Love it! We tried a couple different designs before we got our STD and invite just right for both of us - we both lucked out have super involved fiances :-D For addresses, we were lucky that we send Christmas cards so we had most people addresses. Those we didn't have, it was an afternoon of FB stalking and texting to retrieve them! Good luck!!

  2. Love the pink envelopes!! They make such a fun statement in a handful of junk mail and bills. I definitely think you should line the envelopes. It gives them a little something extra. I adore lined envelopes and they're really easy (and inexpensive) to do! I'm lining the envelopes for our holiday cards now. I couldn't find scrapbook paper that I liked so I'm using wrapping paper! Only cost $3.99!!

  3. Thanks, ladies!

    @ Sara - That's actually what I'll do if I end up lining them! I've found 2 different damask wrapping papers (for $3.99 actually!) so now I just have to decide which I like more.


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