Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

In 2009 I...
  •  Rang in the new year with some of my favorite people in the world


  • Waited anxiously (and not so patiently) for a proposal

  •  Went to NJ and NYC for spring break with my fiance (of a week!) 

  • Watched my best friend (MOH A) leave for basic training and graduate as her element leader
  • Was a bridesmaid in my sister's wedding in Arizona
  • Watched my brother graduate from high school

  •  Started wedding planning by going dress shopping with many of the most important women in my life
  • Saw David's brother and SIL get married

  •  Celebrated David's 21st birthday

  •  Added one to our family - Our new puppy, Paisley!

  •  Celebrated the holidays for the first (and only) time as an engaged couple

  •  Spent the last night of 2009 with great friends

It was a wonderful year! But I am SO looking forward to 2010.

In 2010, I will...
  • Have 3 new nieces or nephews
  • Enjoy my last spring break
  • Hopefully see my Jayhawks win another national championship
  • Take my LAST set of finals
  • Become a college graduate!
  • Move back to Wichita
  • Enjoy an awesome honeymoon
  • Start working full time
  • Move in with David
  • Celebrate our first holidays as a married couple
It's going to be great! Crazy busy, but great! I know this year (and especially the next 6 months) are going to fly by, so one of my resolutions is to make sure I'm cherishing every moment. Hope you all had as great of a year (and New Years) as I did!

What are you looking forward to in 2010?


  1. What a wonderful and exciting 2009 you had but even better things to look forward to in 2010!!!!

  2. Love your pictures!!! Looks like you had a wonderful year.


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