Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Engagement Pictures, Part 2: Uncut

I have a wonderful FSIL. She already put up an album of the pictures from our second engagement shoot. The resolution is pretty low, so she's going to give me a CD of the high resolution files next weekend, but I don't want to wait that long to show them off! So, get ready for an overload of pictures because I just can't choose only a few favorites. :)

This is about 5 feet from where David proposed :)


That's a tiny us in the entryway of the campanile!


David wanted to be serious - I'm obviously terrible at that





This one was David's idea - And I love how it turned out!






We got a picture in the football stadium!

David actually likes these better than the first set we took, so he wants me to redo the STDs with one of these pictures as the main picture. (I believe his exact quote was, "So I think we need to redo the Save the Dates. That won't take long, will it?" Uhh, not at all..) I need him to choose his favorite so I can start working on them. We need to be sending them out soon, which means you guys will get to see the final design in the near future! 

I'm so happy we got some pictures at the campanile since it's such a meaningful (not to mention beautiful!) place for us. It was totally worth all the work it took to coordinate the shoot - I LOVE so many of them! The fall colors were absolutely gorgeous and the weather was great. It's going to be difficult to choose favorites to frame for decor at the church and the reception!

Which are your favorites? Did you have engagement pictures taken at a place that was particularly meaningful to you as a couple?


  1. Your pics are beautiful. I love the ones of you two in that entrance way. And your ring in the fall leaves.
    We had pictures taken all over San Francisco because of the city's meaning to us and I wouldn't be living there too much longer

  2. such pretty scenery! love the ones of you guys with the bright yellow leaves behind you!


  3. Amazing pictures! Great minds must think alike - I posted about our e-pics today too!

  4. Great pics! Can't wait to see what the updated STDs look like!

  5. Your pictures look great!! I really wish we had waited a little bit to get pictures in the fall with all the pretty leaves. But with Josh up in MN and needed to send out our save the dates it just couldn't happen =[

  6. I love the ones in the doorway!

  7. You did make sure not to walk through the campanile, didn't you?!!


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