Monday, September 28, 2009

The Wait is Over!

...For our engagement pictures! I got the CD on Saturday, and I am SO excited to share them with you! FSIL did an amazing job - I can't believe I'm getting such a talented sister! We're still hoping to be able to schedule another shoot so we can take some pictures at the campanile where David proposed, and get a few more of the shots I love, so I'm definitely looking forward to that. And it will likely be in October, so the leaves will have changed and it will actually look like fall! Yay! Ok, enough rambling. Here's what you want to see:

*This one was David's idea - I'd seen one similar and thought it was cute, but I am obviously not as cute hanging from a tree branch! His face cracks me up, though!

Sorry for the picture overload - I've just been so excited to post them! There are a few more with our save the date signs that I'll be posting soon. I think I've decided on which picture with each sign I'm going to use, so I'll be working on the layout of our STD in the next few days! :)

Which picture(s) are your favorite? I need help deciding which one to use for the wall sticker I won in Roddy Bride's giveaway! I'm going to use a black and white version of whatever picture we use so it'll go with any decor, so what do you think?


  1. Your pictures look great! The color is so vivid. I think the third from the last one is my favorite, or maybe the fourth from the last..

    Secret? I've actually been following your blog since I first saw it posted on the June board. It's great so far!

  2. The pics look great! Your FSIL did a GREAT job!

  3. Beautiful pics! My fav is the forth one (from the top).

  4. @ Laura - That's funny! We share a name and a wedding date, that's pretty exciting! I've tried becoming a follower on your blog, but it's not letting me for some reason. I love it, though!

    @ everyone else - Thanks so much! Stay tuned for the Save the Dates options!

  5. Love love love the pics! You look gorgeous!

  6. I think the hanging-from-the-branch pic is cute! .. and fun too! Hmmm.... I'm beginning to consider that idea for one of our wedding day poses. I can just imagine how funny, but enjoyable to look at, the picture would be: me in a formal wedding gown and my groom in tuxedo... hanging from the tree branch! Thanks for the inspiration. :-D

  7. @ Mareeyah - That would be so cute!! I'd love to see the pictures if you decide to do it!


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