Monday, March 15, 2010

Birthday Weekend Recap

Thank you all for the birthday wishes! I had a fabulous weekend! When I got in town Friday I was able to get my nails done and go shopping with two of my best friends (MOH A and BM M) and then got ready for a dinner with friends. I wish we would've been able to get a picture of the whole table, but we did get one of all the ladies!

And let's not forget this one:

After dinner several friends came over to David's apartment. About half of them are in the wedding so it was fun for them all to get to know each other better!

It meant so much to have MOH A there - She's in the Air Force and is stationed in Louisiana, so we're only able to see each other a few times a year. :(

Saturday was my actual birthday - I met my mom for some shopping and then had lunch with her and David. Afterward we watched KU win the Big 12 Tournament (for the 6th year in a row!) by defeating our in state rivals - Perfect birthday present! David had to ref out of town early Sunday morning, so unfortunately he had to leave right after the game. Saturday night I went dancing with my ladies which was SO much fun!

We all wore black tops, skinny jeans, and heels without planning it - Haha, guess that's why we're best friends! 

Isn't MOH A's boyfriend so cute? We love him!

I still haven't seen most of the pictures from this night, but everyone is supossed to be sending be theirs. It was a wonderful birthday weekend and I'm SO thankful for the great people in my life. It makes me even more excited for the wedding and for the activities leading up to it! 

I'm trying to get lots of stuff crossed off my list while I'm home and the end of the week because on Thursday and Saturday I'll be in Oklahoma City for the first round of the NCAA tournament, cheering our Jayhawks onto victory! We're the overall #1 seed and the 'favorite' to win it all, so I have high hopes! (Even though I pick them as the national champion every year regardless!) I can't wait!

I'm ready for a reapeat of this:

And this:


I'll hopefully have some project posts for you guys this week! Hope everyone's weekend was as much fun as mine! :)


  1. Cute outfit (the polka dots)! So glad you had a great bday!

  2. Glad you had such a great birthday! And I am so jealous you will be heading to the first round of the NCAA lucky duck! I have to say that if I had to see anyone win besides my Dukies then I would want it to be Kansas :)

  3. @ Katie - Thanks! Found it on sale for $20! I think I might be wearing it for my bridal shower too :)

    @ Mateya - Thanks, girl! I'm not gonna lie, I think your Dukies got a lucky break with their bracket and we got a really tough break so you guys might have a pretty good chance. We'll see what happens!

  4. Looks like your 21st was a BLAST!!!

  5. Gorgeous outfit girl! Looks like you had a blast! :)

  6. Glad you had so much fun! We celebrated my FI's birthday last weekend as well, his was also on saturday!


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