Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Unveling the DIY Veil!

Before trying on wedding dresses I really wasn't sure what kind of veil I wanted. I knew I wanted it fairly long so I could get some fabulous pictures, but didn't have many other specifications besides that. My bridal consultant tried several different types on me during my appointment, but none of them were exactly what I wanted (not to mention they were WAY overpriced!):

When my mom, BM S and I went to David's Bridal the second time, my consultant tried some cathedral length veils that were closer to what I wanted:

I thought the cathedral length was just a little too long since it was longer than my train. I decided I wanted one close to chapel length and my mom and I decided to make it. We'd been putting it off for months, but we finally got it done last week while I was home for spring break and it turned out perfectly!

I've seen several tutorials, but my mom and I didn't really follow one. My mom is super talented and used to sew a lot, so she made it seem so easy! Basically, I just held the tulle up close to where it'll be positioned on my head and we measured and cut it just past my feet. My mom then took the end that will be in my hair and loosely stitched across it. Afterward, she pulled the stitch tight and knotted the thread. At this point, it looked like this:

We found a pack of hair combs in the bridal section of Hobby Lobby and they were 50% off! *If anyone needs one, I've got 5 extra!*

After sewing it to the comb it looked like this:

I love it! I really wanted it simple, but it wouldn't be too hard (although a little tedious) to add embellishment to the sides of it. I love that I got exactly what I wanted, that my mom made my veil, and that it cost less than $5! You can't beat that! And now I'll get pictures like these:

Kansas is notorious for being windy, so it will actually come in handy for once! Aren't those pictures gorgeous?!

If you're thinking of making your own veil, I'd highly recommend it! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I can't guaruntee I'll be able to answer them, but my mom probably can! :) I'm trying to get her to open her own etsy shop - She's so talented! 

Did you know what kind of veil you wanted? Where did you end up buying it? Has anyone else made their own??


  1. I want a cathedral length veil with some lace around the bottom edge of it. I found one on ebay for a great price, ordered it and two months later still haven't received it. Apparently it got lost on it's way over from China. So now I'm in the process of trying to get my money back.

    Now I'm just having my seamstress make one that looks similar which is probably the route I should have taken in the first place.

  2. Hmm, I thought I posted my comment but I guess it didn't go all the way through. Here we go again: LOVELY veil! And how cool is it that you and your mom have the memory of making it together to share? Such a personal touch for your wedding day, I love it.

    My veil is gold and fingertip length. I originally thought I wanted Cathedral length but changed my mind after awhile.

  3. Lovely veil indeed. And $5 is the bargain of the century. Well done.
    I'm still debating whether or not I have the guts to try DIY-ing a veil; but this is definitely great inspiration! My super crafty grandmother offered to help me and I want something really simple, so I'm thinking it'll be worth it. And if it doesn't work out, there won't be a huge loss of funds.

  4. What beautiful veil inspiration pics you have! I never knew what kind of veil I wanted until I got my dress! It was so ornate that I knew I had to stick with a veil on the plainer side!

    Have you checked out my weekly column: Wedding Wednesdays on the Wedding Stories blog?

  5. Oh goodness I am impressed! I am not sure if I am even having a vail (gasp I know!) But we'll see...I may just borrow one.

  6. Awesome idea!!!!! It turned out so good! I wish I had some of that creative talent. To be completely honest I'm not wearing a vail. Weird I know... I am going to be wearing a headband type thing.

  7. It turned out great!! I've been toying around with the idea of DIYing the veil as well, a chapel length, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to pull it off! I already have a veil (finger-tip length) but I think I want to add a chapel length underneath (and make it a 2-tier veil) for the effect walking down the aisle, which I'd remove for the reception.

  8. I think that veil, with the wind blowing and the sun setting will make for a gorgeous photo!


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