Thursday, March 25, 2010

DIY Detail: Damask Table Squares

I knew I wanted a hint of damask on the tables at the reception and went back and forth between table squares and runners for the longest time. I just love this look:


All of the pre-made squares and runners I found online were insanely overpriced, and we're going to have close to 30 tables. One day I was walking through JoAnns and stumbled across this:

It was the same length as the drapery rods and was vinyl instead of fabric. I wouldn't have to worry about it getting wrinkled or anything spilling on it and I could get more squares out of each yard - Perfect! I took note of the price and decided I'd buy it when we got closer to the date using a 40% off coupon. 

Last week while I was home I happened to remember it (thankfully! I'd say 2.5 months out is 'closer to the date') and my mom and I stopped in to buy a few yards. It happened to be on sale and was WAY cheaper than I anticipated -- $2.49/yd! We bought what was left of it, which was about 7.5 yards and decided we'd figure out what to do with what was leftover after the table squares.

*On a sidenote, as my mom and I were talking about what a great deal it was another girl and her mom walked up and asked about it - I let them look at it and the girl's mom said, 'She's actually looking for material for table squares or runners for her wedding - This would be perfect!' Haha, so funny. I seriously wanted to ask the girl if she had a blog, but I figured that would be way too creeper-ish. But obviously we think a lot alike!*

I decided cutting 18x18" squares was a perfect job for David, so he helped out with this project! Cutting is fairly manly, right? 

*Ignore the mess - My stuff (graduation announcements, boxes from shipments of bridesmaids' shoes, wedding crap) may or may not have taken over my parents' living room...*

And after he was done, we had 30 table squares that look like this:

I love them and can't wait to see our centerpieces on top of them! I think they'll be the perfect pop of pattern for the tables. We're still deciding what to do with the rest of the roll, but I'm thinking I'll make runners for the cake table and maybe a couple other tables. We'd already bought wider runners for the head table, so that's taken care of. I'm sure I'll think of something to use it for! 

Are you using table squares or runners? Did you find a good deal on them or are you DIYing them?


  1. Ummmm WAY jealous that you didn't have to do any ironing or sewing! I spent literally 10+ hours on mine! They're freaking adorable!

  2. This is an AWESOME idea...I never would have even thought to make table squares. I am so checking out my own JoAnn's to see if they have pretty vinyl in my color scheme! :)

  3. Love it! What a great find...and great deal! We aren't using any table runners or squares. I do love them but I just didn't think they'd fit the feel of the decor and what we already have going on.

    Absolutely love your ideas and how they're all coming together.

  4. What a great deal! And they look amazing!

  5. Love this!! I just love the Damask print!! It was used for my wedding shower!! It's just classy and fun! Great job!

  6. Are you interested in selling these? If so email me at

  7. I would be interested in buying these. If you are interested in selling, please email me at

  8. Do you want to sell? if so email me


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