Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Table for the Kiddos

Kids' tables have become more and more popular at receptions and I think they're SUCH a good idea. I know some kids (my neices!) will spend the whole night on the dance floor:

But since we'll have a large number of children there, I'd like to give the kids who don't particularly like dancing something to do while their parents enjoy themselves. They'll sit with their parents for dinner, but this table will be available while everyone else is dancing and mingling. While I haven't entirely decided what all I'll have at the kids' table, I've decided on the 'decor' - A ribbon pomander topiary!

source unknown - sorry!

Mine will look a little different because I'll be using one of the black flower pots that we're also using for half of our centerpieces and black river rocks to cover the foam in the bottom. I finished the ribbon pomander last week and it's ready to be assembled! I'll be sure to post pictures when it's finished.

I know there are multiple tutorials out there for them, so I won't post another one unless someone's interested. They really aren't hard to make, but are more time consuming than I expected. It takes a lot more ribbon than I thought to cover a 5" ball, although I didn't have to buy any more than what I already had (I think that may mean I have a liiitle too much ribbon).

As for the activities, I know we'll have some coloring pages. I looved these activity books from We Met in a Bar when I saw them, so I think I'll try to create something similar (even though I'm not supposed to be adding any more DIY projects at this point!). 

I'll have some tins with colored pencils and crayons and probably some other small, fun toys and activities from the dollar sections at Target and Michaels. Dollar Tree has some awesome kids' stuff too. I'm trying to stay away from anything messy (playdough is a definite no!) but want to have a few other options to keep the kiddos busy. I might just see what I can find without having something specific in mind. I think this is another inexpensive project that will make an impact and be appreciated by many (hopefully!). 

Are you having a kids' table? If so, what will you have on it?


  1. This is such a great idea! I was pondering a kids' tables myself (but we may not have a lot of kids at the wedding) and this is a great option. I absolutely love the ribbon pomander topiary idea.

  2. Great idea and I love the ribbon pomander!

  3. how fun! i wish we were having more kids at ours just so i could do cool stuff like this!who doesn't love an activity book?! :)

  4. That's such a cute idea. I was thinking of making little bags with a coloring book and crayons in it. We are only having like 3-4 kids at the reception- all family- so I figured I'd make them a goody bag.
    Love the topiary though!

  5. We have all kinds of little goodies for the kids. I posted about it months ago on my blog. We'll have little circus shaped favor boxes filled with stickers, a tabletop bowling ball set, pens, playdough, flashing sunglasses, etc. We also will have a separate room set up where we'll have a tv/dvd player showing movies, coloring books, a few games, and some little craft activities.


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