Friday, March 5, 2010

Wedding Projects, Wine, and Weekend Preview

It's been a long week. So an evening filled with lots of wedding projects, wine, and good music in celebration of reaching the 100 day mark was definitely in order. And who came up with the brilliant idea? My fabulous roomie/BM S! 

I must really love you guys - I look a BIT tired. Also, sneak peak of a project I'm working on!

She really is fabulous - She not only helped me with the incredibly tedious coaster project, she also made lots of progress on the 2nd tulle wreath *which is unfortunately equally as tedious*!

It was nice to spend the evening not thinking about school and making some progress on these projects. I finished the one I was working on (post coming soon!) and we're 40% of the way done with the coasters! (Have I mentioned I really like things to be even? She knows me too well - She ended on an even number!) Thanks for all your help, dear! I <3 you!

This weekend David will be in the KC area reffing, so I'll get to see him again and will even get to watch him ref a couple games! I'm spending tomorrow night scrapbooking with my aunt, so I should have another project to post about next week. I love scrapbooking with her - We stay up most of the night chatting and catching up while we work! Hope all of you have equally as wonderful weekends!


  1. I had so much fun working on projects!! I love your embosser as you know...ladies you should all get one! <3 you! 99 days!

  2. You are a very busy girl! And I must say that planning a wedding will really make you busy. I'm looking forward to the projects you finished!

  3. wow girl! you are on a roll already!!!

  4. Just found you blog and I love it! I had to tell you my wedding was 6/12/2009! Happy planning :)


  5. @ Lisa - Thanks! I tried to visit your blog, but it's not letting me! :(


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