Friday, March 12, 2010

Getting Pretty

I've mentioned that my wonderful momma will be doing my makeup, but it was important to me that all of my bridesmaids would be there for that special time too. I'll be getting my hair done at the salon earlier that morning. BM M actually works at the salon, so she might come with me, but I'm not exactly sure yet who all will be there. The girls will be doing their own/each other's hair and makeup, so I wanted a big space where we can all get ready together (along with my mom and FMIL!) The most practical place is the honeymoon suite that David and I will be staying in on our wedding night. We're hoping that no one will be staying in it the night before so that we can check in early, but there's a chance I'll just book the room for Friday night too so we can have a big slumber party. :) The room has tons of space that will be perfect for hanging out and getting pretty:

I'll be having our photographer arrive a little while before our first look so she can get some pictures like these:

And these:

*She's a fellow KS bride!*

And she can hopefully get some of the details of the day, too. I love ring/shoe/jewelry/detail shots, and I'd like some pictures of the girls' hangers with their dresses on them and them getting ready in their towel wraps (that I still need to make!)

I can't wait! It will be so much fun getting ready with all of my favorite people there with me. 

Where are you getting ready?

**I'm heading home this afternoon and will be starting my (21st!) birthday celebration this afternoon and evening! I'll hopefully get a birthday recap post up sometime early next week! Have a great weekend! :)


  1. Happy early Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful spring break...take some time to RELAX!!!! :)

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!
    Enjoy your weekend and Spring Break :)

  3. That room is gorgeous! Booking the room for the night before sounds like a great idea. Happy Birthday!


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