Thursday, March 4, 2010

100 Days

Today marks 100 days until our wedding! Ahhh - I can hardly believe it!! I have such a mix of emotions.

I'm definitely excited to marry my better half and the person who makes me feel complete.

I'm stressed about getting all of my projects done and figuring out our house situation so that everything's taken care of before the big day.



I'm thrilled that David and I will finally be living in the same city again AND in the same house!

I'm sad that I'll no longer be living with my wonderful roomie/BM S and I'll be leaving the university that I absolutely love. (Last night was KU's last home basketball game, meaning it was my last game in Allen Fieldhouse as a student - I teared up singing our alma mater. It really is the beginning of the end.)

Our gorgeous campus - The bell tower in the middle is where David proposed!

I'm both relieved and nervous that I'll soon be a college graduate and there will be no more all nighters filled with studying, but I'll instead be working full time.

My high school graduation - I can't believe how fast the time has flown by!

I think I could probably come up with even more emotions I'm feeling right now. These next 100 days will definitely be some of the most memorable and best days of my life, but they'll also be some of the most stressful and emotionally draining. And unfortunately (I think) they'll be gone before I know it. Here's to making the most of them! 

What were you feeling at the 100 day mark?


  1. That is super exciting! it will FLY by! Married life is the best :)

  2. Well, if you're at 100 days, that means I am too! Thanks for the heads up, I'm a big bag of mixed emotions about the whole thing!

  3. AHHHH..... So sweet. I love that we proposed on campus. That is absolutly adorable. Girl, I'm right there with you. All this emotions and feelings are CRAZY! Most importantly I'm excited! I'm right behind you with 128 days left.

  4. 198 days here and I'm already getting anxious!

    I'm so excited for you!!!

  5. I definitely know what you're going through. We're at 72 days now (wow, already?!) and they're going by VERY fast. Good luck with staying focused!

  6. Congrats girl! I am with ya on the college graduation thing. My Spring Break just started and when I get back to school after it I will only have 62 days left until graduation including weekends! I'm nervous and excited about graduating...definitely won;t miss it though!

  7. We hit the 100 day mark a few weeks ago and now we're under 80. Uh...yeah, it goes fast.

    Enjoy the heck out of your last days in school. That's one thing I wish I did during my last quarter of college. Try not to stress too much over papers and tests and finals and craziness (not to mention wedding planning). Just *enjoy* it. Be present, as they say. It goes by too fast.

    Now I'm going to cry lol.

  8. How exciting! We are almost near 200 and that feels good so I can only imagine being at 100! Try to enjoy it as much as you can!

  9. So many wonderful things going on for you! Congrats.. only 100 days!

  10. Such an exiting time but I also understand your emotions! It just hit me the other day too that although I am so exctied, my life will be changing. I am moving to a new place, I won't be surrounded by my girlfriends anymore, it's going to be different. But I do think the positives by far outweigh the negative!

    I guess I never asked if you have a job lined up or what you will be doing after graduation??

  11. Happy 100 Days! I definitely was feeling the same as you when I was about to graduate college fact, I still miss it. But the "real world" is fun in its own way too...and soon you'll be married and enjoying it with your hubby! :)

  12. oh it will FLY by! we've been married 6 months tomorrow and were just talking about how fast it's flown by!

  13. Thanks everyone!!

    @ Shanna - Congrats, girl! I feel like we're living almost the same life!
    @ Mateya - I feel ya. I've applied for a few jobs and I've heard back from one of them so far. I'll either be doing behavioral therapy with kids or working as an assistant director of a child care center. :)

  14. Oh man, we just hit the 100 day mark a little while back, and now I'm officially in somewhat of a freak out mode. Seriously though...enjoy it...because before you know it, it will all be over! I am going to go through some serious sadness when it does...

  15. At the 100 day mark, my MOH was up for the weekend because it was hubby's bachelor party weekend! (they had it early due to the guys' schedules). We had a fabulous weekend of wedding to-do's as well as pampering (pedicures etc). From that point on I remember it really felt like it flew. Things picked up (shower, bachelorette party, etc) and got crazy fun! Enjoy this time!


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